How the physical effects of a stroke can be treated

Once an individual has recovered from the initial effects and dangers associated with a stroke, they will begin a specialised rehabilitation program. These programs are designed to help them gain strength in their muscles and learn to walk and, in some cases, talk once again.

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Here are some ways that the physical effects of a stroke can be treated,

Weakness – when muscle weakness occurs, it is important that the individual undertakes physiotherapy. This will help to build up muscle tone in the body once again and to build strength in the muscles and the posture in general. Occupational therapists can also help the individual with adapting their homes.

Stiffness – as well as weakness, individuals can experience stiffness in the muscles. This can be treated with regular exercise and also massage to help bring the circulation and some relaxation back into the affected muscles.

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Sensations – there are a number of body sensations that can appear after a stroke, such as a lack of ability to detect temperature and pins and needles that can occur in parts of the body. It is difficult to treat these issues, but they can be supported with the help of Bathing Aids like the ones from

It is important that whilst recovering from a stroke, that individuals are supported both physically and emotionally as it can be difficult to adjust to the new feelings and movement restrictions in their bodies.

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