Blender food processor combo

Best blender food processor combo

Blender food processor combo is a useful appliance for any household product and you’ll need the best blender food processor combo for long-lasting performance. We are here to help you out.

Blender food processor combo can perform chopping, grinding, and pureeing tasks conveniently and quickly. Also, helps in filling the most of space as it’s a multitasking and multifunctional machine. However, there are various types of blender combinations with food processors available in the market. And it’s quite difficult to choose the best blender food processor combo to buy. Well, we did some research and comes up with the best blender food processor combo possible. So, keep reading this article to buy the best blender food processor combo.

Oster Pro 1200

One of the best value blenders and food processors can be found in this machine. This combo is a decent and versatile elegant machine with some very useful features on it. Moreover, it gives a top-notch performance on food processing and blending. Its power is 1200 watts and it comes with a smoothie cup, glass pitcher, and processor.

Also, its 3.5 inches wide blade along with the terrific the Blade Technology of Dual-Direction helps blend reverse and forward for a faster and smoother outcome. Also, this machine has three pre-programmed and seven different speed settings. Moreover, for grind and chop, it has the pulsing option. However, this machine has a problem with the smoothie cup area, and its price little bit high. At last, it gives 3 years of warranty to cover workmanship and in material defection.

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen

This machine is a high-quality product from the renowned and trusted company known as ‘Ninja’. It’s quite powerful as its motor power is 1500 watts along with an awesome combination of blender and food processor within 1 unit. Also, this device has 2 horsepower system and offers a processor bowl of 64-ounce or 8-cup to chop vegetables smoothly. Moreover, within thirty seconds it can knead the dough of 2 pounds.

The processor is made of durable and thick plastic construction ensures a long-period usage life. Additionally, it has a pulse setting and 3 adjustable speed options for controlling blending and chopping. And its weight is about 9.2 pounds so, it can be highly movable.

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY

This blender food processor combo is quite popular for its exceptional performance. Recently, it updated a finishing with stainless steel brushed and the latest chopping blade. This is a very simple machine as it’s quite easy to operate. Also, it has a shredding disc and slicing disc, and motor power is 720 watts. Moreover, it offers 14 cups containing bowl and stainless steel blades along with seven prep settings.

At a reasonable price, it offers awesome features that make it a suitable option for anyone. However, this combo gives only three years of warranty.


The combination of a food processor and blender is a great addition to any home appliance. This duo machine can do many tasks in a single time and save a great amount of money and time. Now, from the above list buy the best blender food processor combo according to your expectation. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and clean this device so, use it properly to get a long-period service.

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