Audi RS3 Nardo Edition

Audi RS3 Nardo Edition: 200 units, 280 km / h top and the same 400 CV

While the Audi A3 range is being restructured based on the new model, there is still rope to end the old generation, especially in the more performance versions. In this way, the German manufacturer is going to launch an even tighter version of the compact, this time with a saloon body.

This is the Audi RS3 Nardo Edition, a factory preparation applied to the sedan body, with an impressive appearance, better equipment and with the same 400 HP of maximum power. Your older but? Well, he is going to stay only for the United States.

Audi RS3 Nardo Edition: Beyond 250 km / h

We like saloons, but in the United States more. That is why Audi is going to restrict the marketing of the Audi RS3 Nardo Edition to the land of opportunities. There it will become the new spearhead of the A3 range. Of course, at Audi they have not been stretched with the photos and have only released the one that opens this article. The rest correspond to the conventional RS3.

The body of the Audi RS3 in its three-volume format is tinted in the Nardo Gray color that gives the name to this variant and is accompanied by new 19-inch wheels. The set is finished off with darkened optics and brake calipers painted in red. The interior receives leather inserts and a new upholstery.

The engine is the same marvelous 2.5-liter inline five-cylinder turbocharged gasoline. It has not been altered so it keeps the same figures of 400 CV and 480 Nm of torque. What has been changed is the exhaust line, which has been replaced by a more sporty one that will surely make the RS3 Nardo Edition sound even better.

The gearbox to which the block is associated is a dual-clutch automatic with seven ratios in addition to the popular quattro all-wheel drive, and thanks to which it can reach 96 km / h from a standstill in 3.9 seconds. However, the electronic speed limitation has also changed, releasing the RS3 Nardo Edition up to 280 km / h, 30 km / h more than the conventional RS3 limited to 250 km / h.

Regarding the chassis, the Audi RS3 Nardo Edition has also been modified to include the sportier suspension with magnetic dampers as standard, which is only optional on the RS3.

The Audi RS3 Nardo Edition will be a limited edition of 200 units and only for the United States at a price that starts at $ 60,895.

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