Alfonso Ribeiro Net Worth

Alfonso Ribeiro Net Worth, Works, Career and Bio

Alfonso Lincoln Ribeiro (September 21, 1971) is a singer, actor, dancer and television presenter from New York. His rise to fame was thanks to his performance as Carlton Banks in the popular series The Prince of Rap ( The Prince of Bel-Air ?? ) and his peculiar and eccentric dance steps. Don’t miss this Alfonso Ribeiro net worth and biography!

Alfonso Ribeiro net worth and biography

Alfonso was born in New York City, specifically in the Bronx neighborhood. He is of African descent, and his last name comes from the Republic of Mozambique. Alfonso Ribeiro’s net worth is about 7 million dollars. His artistic life began at an early age since he was just eight years old when he made his television debut thanks to his participation in a Public Broadcasting Service program called Hey Ollie. Read more: Alejandra Guzman net worth, career, lifestyle and biography

Alfonso Ribeiro Net Worth

In 1983, he was part of the cast of the Broadway musical The Tap Dance Kid, thanks to his prowess as a dancer. It did not take long for his abilities to be taken into account, and it was at that moment, he was chosen as the face of the Pepsi advertisement in the company of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. During the commercial, the little dancer appears dressed as Jackson and imitates the dance that immortalized him as “the King. “

He recorded songs like Dance Baby (1983) and Sneak Away With Me (1985), in the following years, where he danced and performed them.

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In 1985, Alfonso Ribeiro published a manual where he explained step by step how to do the dances that he had performed. As time went by, although Ribeiro felt comfortable and did well in these spaces, he soon returned to the world of acting. In this way, at the end of the 80s, he participated in various films and commercials.

Alfonso Ribeiro becomes Carlton Banks

It would not be until 1990 when Alfonso Ribeiro gave life to the character of Carlton Banks, cousin of the protagonist in the television series The Prince of Rap. This role became one of the funniest and most loved by viewers thanks to the fact that it recreated one of the most extraordinary roles in this television production.

His character was characterized by having a somewhat naive personality, and the dance that would undoubtedly make him famous appeared for the first time in 1991 in the Christmas Show chapter. The song Carlton (a character played by Alfonso Ribeiro) used to dance to was It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones.

For that dance, I was inspired by a Bruce Springsteen performance where he sings Dancing In The Dark and takes Courteney Cox on stage. They basically do that dance.

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Other works by Ribeiro

Parallel to his character in El Príncipe del Rap, Alfonso Ribeiro worked on other series and animated films giving voice and life to the various characters. Among the best known was Spider-Man.

In 1995, Ribeiro joined the role of Dr. Maxwell Stanton in the second season of the television series In The House, where he had the opportunity to work with the famous LL Cool J and Lark Voorhies. The following year, he was part of the cast of the family drama Kidz In The Wood, and the same year, after six wonderful and successful seasons, The Prince of Rap culminated, and with it, his great performance as Carlton Banks.

In the comedy series VIP, starring Pamela Anderson, Alfonso appeared in one of the episodes as himself. In 1999, he collaborated with his partner and friend Will Smith in the Wild Wild West video. Later, in 2000, he served as a presenter on the talent show Your Big Break, and later, he directed some chapters of the television series One on One and All Of Us.

Likewise, Alfonso Ribeiro acted in other films with small roles, including Enamorados by accident ( My league in trouble ?? ). Similarly, that same year he directed an episode of the series Cuts (2005) and produced an animated short called, The 1 Second Film (2008).

Eight years later, he returned to the screens with his participation in the first season of the contest Bailando con las Estrellas (in its American version, Dancing with the Stars ), in which he obtained first place. This competition was won thanks to a wonderful tango that he danced with Witney Carson. However, this would not be the dance that would land him in global conversation and news, but rather his beloved old ” The Carlton Dance .” After that triumph, Alfonso got the opportunity to become the host of the television show America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Alfonso Ribeiro Net Worth

Controversies throughout his career

By the end of 2018, Ribeiro sued the Epic Games company for plagiarizing his famous dance in one of the emotes in the popular and best-selling video game, Fortnite. In this one, players can download the dance, paying to show it to their opponents.

In the lawsuit, Alfonso argued that the plagiarism was so obvious that the title of the emote is ” Fresh,” referring to the series with its English title, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The lawsuit alleged that they “used and reproduced the artist’s intellectual creativity without his consent or authorization.” Also, that “the company had generated high income under the ingenuity of the dancer.”

For this reason, Ribeiro requested that they stop using his dance in the video game and later patent it. However, in February 2019, the United States Copyright Office (USCO) denied the claim, claiming that “Carlton’s dance” did not have the basic requirements to be considered choreography or part of one, since They were only isolated movements and not the product of ingenuity. Likewise, the patent application was denied.

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