Alejandra Guzman net worth

Alejandra Guzman net worth, career, lifestyle and biography

Known for her great talent, eccentric image and lively personality: Alejandra Guzman (February 9, 1968) is a Mexican singer whose beginning in music was not easy. However, album after album, she has managed to conquer the hearts of her fans by delivering the best rhythms and compositions. That dedication is only a small part of what you will see in Alejandra Guzman’s net worth and overall biography.

Alejandra Guzman biography

Alejandra Gabriela Guzmán Pinal was born in Mexico City. She knew tours and dressing rooms from a very young age because her parents Enrique Guzmán Vargas and Silvia Pinal were artists. Her father was a singer in the 60s; her mother, as an actress in Mexican cinema and soap operas. They both also had a television program, in which they introduced Alejandra when she was only two months old. Keep reading: Conan O’Brien Height, Bio, Wife & Kids, Net Worth, Age, Scandal

At the age of 8, little Alejandra became interested in dancing, so her parents enrolled her in jazz, tap and ballet classes. However, her true passion was singing, and although she believed that due to her artistic ancestry, it would be much easier to achieve it, her main obstacle was her mother’s character. She did not allow the young woman to follow her dreams until she finished her studies.

Alejandra Guzman net worth

Alejandra Guzman net worth

In addition to being an actress, her great experience in the music industry has allowed her to participate as a judge in: Look who is dancing! (2010) and Va por ti (2014-2016). Similarly, she was a coach in the third season of La voz México (2013) and the first edition of La voz Unidos (2018). Her net worth is about 21 million dollars. In 1992, the singer decided to put her career on hiatus due to her first daughter, Frida Sofía. However, she had numerous presentations up to 22 weeks gestation. Read more about Russian kim kardashian.

When she was 6 years old, Alejandra Guzman’s parents divorced due to irreconcilable differences, with physical abuse being the most significant. The singer has 3 more siblings: Luis Enrique Guzmán, Sylvia Pasquel and Viridiana Alatriste. The latter died in an accident in 1982.

Alejandra becomes the Guzman

After many attempts to make music, a new opportunity arises for Alejandra Guzmán when, in 1988, the famous Spanish producer Miguel Blasco allowed her to audition for her. After being accepted, she recorded her first album, Bye Mama, that same year. This album guaranteed her a resounding success, making her the Mexican idol of the moment.

After that album, Alejandra’s career was consolidated, and it was the song La plaga, dedicated to her father, that gave her the nickname “la Guzmán.” In 1990, she released her album Eternally Beautiful, in which she introduced rock as the main genre. Its consequent success took it to realize a tour in which it obtained numerous presentations.

This work was one of the most praised in her entire career. Among all the recognitions, it obtained triple-platinum certification for selling more than 700 thousand copies. In addition, her tour, which spanned the entire continent, made her the singer of the year, reaching the peak of her fame.

The decade of the 90s added great successes in Alejandra Guzmán’s career, being Flor de Papel (1991), Libre (1993) and Algo Natural (1999) her most important albums. Thanks to this latest album, she obtained a nomination in the first edition of the Latin Grammy Awards.

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Alejandra Guzmán in the 2000s

In 2002, the Mexican artist won her first Latin Grammy thanks to the album Soy (2001). Two years later, she wanted to expand her music in another language and released her first work in English entitled Lipstick. She was nominated for the best rock album and best rock song at the Latin Grammy Awards.

Among the greatest hits of Alejandra Guzmán are Making love with another, Lucky day, I am your rain, So only you (in collaboration with singer Franco De Vita ) and My worst mistake. She has also composed several songs, including Long Distance of Anxiety, which she dedicated to her daughter Frida.

Alejandra Guzman net worth

His participation on the small and big screen

Alejandra Guzmán has not only served as a singer but has also had some participation as a presenter and actress in film and television. In 1989, she starred, along with Omar Fierro, in the film Verano Peligroso, a great success at the box office.

Later, she got some roles in When the children go away (1983), The P. Luche family (2003) and A lucky family (2011), where in addition to being the singer of the main theme Day of luck, she also played herself in one of the chapters. Similarly, she hosted the program 40 Most Awesomely Bad Dirrty Songs… Ever (2004), and was a commentator in the production of Las 100 great songs of the 90s in Spanish (2008); both broadcast on VH1 (American television channel, with a subsidiary in Latin America).

Alejandra Guzmán: controversies and personal life

Throughout her life, Alejandra Guzmán has been in the eye of the hurricane on several occasions:

In June 1998, her husband Farell Goodman was arrested in Germany to transport almost two kilos of ecstasy from the Netherlands to Mexico. Later, the singer assured that she was not aware of these illicit businesses, and decided to separate.

Five years later, Gerardo De la Borbolla, her boyfriend at the time, was charged with credit card fraud, drug addiction and theft. Similarly, the relationship ended. In addition, the singer announced that she lost the baby that they were both expecting as a result of the upset.

On the other hand, Guzmán had problems with drugs, which led her to ask her father and brother for help to be hospitalized and to overcome that stage.

Bottom out, many times. I felt that my life was meaningless. It was there that I realized that I had reasons to fight for, and I decided to go in.

But the biggest challenge Alejandra faced was her health since, in 2007, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, the tumor could be completely removed, thanks to its early detection.

Two years later, the singer underwent buttock augmentation plastic surgery. But instead, Valentina de Albornoz (found guilty of this act) injected her with biopolymers, a substance that caused a strong infection. As a result, Guzmán had to be operated on several times to counteract the condition, and her doctors declared that she would have to maintain control for life.

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