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8 Tips For Planning an Affordable Wedding

Planning a wedding is always challenging, especially when you’re trying to do it on a budget. Here are the top eight tips on how to make your wedding affordable.

1.   Start Planning as Early as You Can

The more time you have for planning, the easier it is to discover great bargains and help them become a reality. The truth is that many wedding features can be pretty expensive, but investing more time can cut the costs down significantly.

For an affordable wedding, give yourself extra few months between the start of planning and the event.

2.   Marry on a Weekday or Out of Season

You can save several thousand dollars of your wedding budget if you decide to say your vows out of season, in January or February, rather than during the peak months – from June to August. Certain places, such as Northland Wedding Venues, are a perfect choice whole year round, so explore your options.

Another way to reduce wedding costs is by holding the ceremony on a weekday. Venues often struggle to fill weeknights, so many will be ready to cut clients a deal for booking from Sunday through Thursday.

3.   Pick Your Venue Carefully

Be extra careful when doing the math for your wedding venue. Some venues will offer at least part of the needed wedding equipment, usually chairs and tables, in their overall cost. If you can find a venue that does this, it’s often priced more reasonably than if you choose to buy those items elsewhere. This can be especially important if you are expecting a large number of guests at your event.

4.   Cut the Guest List

You can always choose a smaller venue and keep your guest list limited to close friends and family. This will lower the cost of almost everything, as you will need fewer supplies for fewer people.

If you want an affordable wedding, take your time and really consider who you can’t imagine your big day without.

5.   Consider a Pre-Owned Dress

You can save a significant sum of your wedding budget if you consider buying your wedding dress in a place other than your local bridal shop.

Even if you’re fascinated with that beautiful designer gown, take your time to browse the websites offering pre-owned wedding attire – chances are high you will find a good enough solution at a fraction of the original price.

Grooms-to-be could follow the same example and still look their best on their wedding day.

6.   Use Seasonal Flowers

Buying flowers can be costly, especially if you choose ones that are out of season. You can opt for Tulips, Calla Lilies or Roses, as they are available all year round, or just select the seasonal ones.

If you want a certain kind of flowers, and you already know that they will be out of season on your wedding day, you can plant them from the seeds – it will save you a lot of money.

7.   Use Open Bar Alternatives

Alcohol costs can quickly get out of control, especially if you have a full open bar, so consider the alternatives.

One of the ways is to offer a few signature cocktails instead of a full open bar. If the venue permits that option, you can also buy wine and beer in bulk at great prices and bring it in – it won’t be nearly as expensive as an open bar.

And, if your wedding is in a venue where they control the bar, ask them to close the bar an hour earlier to limit your spending. Instead of alcohol, you could offer coffee or tea during the last hour of your reception.

8.   Rethink Catering Options

One of the ways to cut down the catering costs is to have your meals provided by family and friends in place of a wedding gift.

If no one is up for such a challenge, try asking a local family-owned restaurant to cater for you. Such restaurants might be reluctant to cater for a huge event. Still, if your wedding is intimate, they may be willing to try and work with you for a better price.

You can plan an affordable wedding and enjoy your D-day without blowing the budget by following the tips above.

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