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7 tips to push your online communication strategy

As we have been repeating for some time now, a good online communication strategy cannot do without quality content creation. A marketing strategy that focuses (even) on content has the ability to offer educational material to readers, food for thought and useful information about your company and your business. In this way, in addition to increasing traffic and site visits, a fundamental goal is achieved which is to improve your web reputation and perhaps attract new potential customers.

But a content-based online communication strategy is not easy to implement and often, despite the commitment and dedication, the desired results are slow to arrive. So let’s try to identify the possible reasons that prevent your online marketing and communication strategy from generating leads.

1 – Define the Target of an online communication strategy

You may have identified a wrong target audience. This aspect, especially in a content-oriented strategy, is fundamental. To attract the attention of a user it is important to offer value, help him solve a problem or satisfy a desire. So understanding what readers are looking for is very important. My suggestion in this regard is to use analytical tools to better guide your strategy. The web analytics to understand how users behave on your site; an online survey or on social networks to engage the public and get their direct feedback; a mail marketing campaign to create relationships with individual users. Use a direct and informal approach, expressly ask for advice to help you offer them a better service. And don’t forget to segment the audience so you can better address the content.

2 – Choice of Content

Your content is probably too repetitive or even boring. Also in this case the sense of your online communication strategy, that is that of offering value to users, is lost. Get yourself and, if you would like to publish similar content to many others, try to do it from another point of view by focusing on different features of the product or service you are promoting. Needless to repeat to always publish fresh content, because only then will you push users to return to your site and be able to retain them.

3 – Format

Still talking about “freshness”, an idea could be to change the content format of your online communication strategy. If you are used to writing posts on a blog, try periodically to collect your material and make an eBook or infographic! And don’t forget to spread your articles on social media and engage in discussions, stimulate your audience and try to drag it to your site.

4 – Promotion yes but discreetly

It is a good rule to re-read the published contents quite frequently. You may find yourself being pushed too far in promoting your product or service. Users are intelligent and notice when a content has a strong promotional mold. Be discreet and remember the mantra of online communication: write quality content!

5 – Share It!

Content, however brilliant it may be, needs to be pushed when it is published. Take advantage of all the opportunities that the web offers you, spread your article on social networks, on news gathering sites, send newsletters and emails, without ever forgetting to promote your content offline.

6 – Choice of communication channels

Perhaps you are not promoting your content to the fullest. Remember that Facebook is different from LinkedIn or from Twitter and the contents do not always lend themselves to being published on all channels. Be careful also with the language you use, be more formal on LinkedIn, more informal on Facebook and more concise on Twitter. Also in this case pay close attention to the traffic on the site: the web analytics tools will give you confirmation on the success or failure of your online communication strategy.

7 – Call to action

Try never to put a point at the end of a content, but leave your users with curiosity, implicitly inviting them to return to your site and to stimulate online word of mouth. Also try to engage them so that they can interact and give life to a dialogue.


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