SEO strategy: Better tools to measure the backlinks of your web

SEO strategy: Better tools to measure the backlinks of your web

When auditing the SEO of a website, an essential point is the analysis of backlinks. Incoming links are still one of the important positioning factors that must be taken into account, although the rules of the game have changed a lot in recent years.

If you are looking for tools to measure your backlinks, in this post we will make some recommendations that you may find useful. These are part, of course, of any analysis and SEO strategy that should be launched in your business. 

What are the best tools for measuring backlinks

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One of the questions you may ask is which of these tools you should use. There are several quite popular and, in fact, their prices are not exactly cheap. Which is the one with the highest degree of reliability? Why SEO tool should you choose?

The truth is that we can not give you an exact answer. In the world of SEO, no tool is absolutely perfect, since everything depends on a single master: Google. The ideal in an advanced SEO strategy is to have several and check results, but that’s really not what you need if you only want to measure the backlinks.

In your case, we recommend that you opt for one of the most advanced: Ahrefs, or SEMRush, although it is not a tool specifically SEO, it does provide valuable information about backlinks. Keep reading How to handle multiple locations with local search

What to keep in mind when choosing an SEO tool?

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Of course, you could mention many others, also very useful, such as Majestic SEO, Cognitive SEO or Sistrix, although when making any SEO strategy we should always measure the objectives.

  • Which tool gives you more information and adapts
  • to better what you need. With which interface you feel more to like
  • or working. Who gives you technical support (and if you give it to them in
  • English or Spanish) Other aspects that you consider basic, for example, the price.

We are going to focus on the analysis of these two tools, Ahrefs and SEMRush, which are the ones we know the most and with which we usually work.


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One of the most advanced tools in terms of listening to backlinks is undoubtedly Ahrefs. This will allow you not only to analyze your own incoming links, but also those of the competition.

Among other things, this tool will allow you to see where those links come from, the anchor text, the SEO score of those sites, links won and lost …

Not only is it useful for you to see which are the best incoming links, of the most relevant pages, but also so that you can see what toxic links you are receiving. For example, links to websites without any value, spam pages or link farms.

This tool can be very useful for your SEO positioning project if, for example:

  • Your website has had a penalty on Google, due to an excess of low-quality links. Maybe because someone in your competition is doing negative SEO. You have spent your link-building and have too many links using the same anchor text, so it is very unnatural.
  • See how many web domains are linking to you. Your links should not always come from the same domains, there must be some variety to make it natural.
  • The proportion of do follow / no follow links is unnatural, you have too many do follow links.
  • Study your competition, see which sites link them and what SEO score they have. Something that can be very useful to see what works for them and design a strategy that allows you to get links from sites similar or better than yours.


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The SEMRush tool is widely used in the world of SEM and online advertising. But it is also very useful to perform any SEO strategy. Being a fairly complete tool, which you can also use to analyze keyword searches or the performance of your social networks, can serve as a good dashboard to work permanently.

Among other things, with SEMRush you can analyze where your backlinks come from, the anchor of the text they come from, the proportion of do follow and no follow links, etc. It can also be a very convenient tool to compare your results with those of your competition and make a constant monitoring of your site, to see how many links you gain and lose in a period of time.

Designing your SEO strategy

SEO strategy

If you want to improve the positioning of your website, something that you will have to do is analyze your competition and create a coherent and intelligent SEO strategy.


  • Because if you start generating links without stopping and without having a clear strategy, this can be very expensive in the long run.
  • If you do not do it right, you can receive penalties because your link profile is not natural for Google.
  • Trying to position yourself for some keywords without knowing your competition is really risky. You can spend years trying to put yourself first on Google and not see any results.

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