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7 Economically Friendly Ways To Heat Your Pool

Swimming is a great source of entertainment, exercise and relaxation and this should be no exception during the cooler seasons. If winter is keeping you away from the water based fun, and you are longingly staring at your pool from your window, then it might be time to look into effective ways to heat your pool. Swimming no longer has to be a seasonal activity, through efficient and effective heating solutions you and your loved one will be able to enjoy the water all year round. A warm pool is one of the best places to be during cool and crisp weather. Just like having temperature control over our homes it is important when considering heating options for our pools to opt for the most economically friendly methods.

This article will provide you with a detailed list of how to maximise the use of your pool in the most cost-effective ways. It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of how your pool works and how to have the ideal thermal control so you and your loved ones can get the most out of it, all year round. 

Here are 7 Economically Friendly Ways To Heat Your Pool:

 Solar Heating

Solar power is not only the most obvious but the most popular option when it comes to heating our pools in a cost-effective manner. As the solar panels soak up energy from the sun to produce electricity, the operational costs for heating your pool will be next to nothing. As this is the most energy-efficient and cost friendly solution, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Wind Exposure Prevention

Another cost-effective solution for pool heating that has zero operational costs is to create a windproof exclosure around your outdoor pool. During the cooler months, wind speeds pick up while temperatures significantly drop. This brisk blast of freezing air will cut through you and lower your body temperature severely especially when you are in the water. However, wind exposure prevention through an enclosure provides the ideal solution against the wind while keeping the pool water warm.

Solar Pool Cover

Retaining warmth and heat in your pool has never been easier and more economically-friendly than with the assistance of solar pool covers. Generally, evaporation is the most common cause of heat loss within a pool, so covering the pool when it is not being used will maintain and contain the heat from escaping. With solar pool covers not only protects the heat from escaping from the pool’s water but the solar element will act as a heat absorbent.

Pool Heat Pump

Gold Coast Heat Pumps for Pools are one of the most common methods to heat your standard pool. Although they are slightly more expensive, the value you receive from this efficient and effective pool heating solution proves for a great investment. Pool heat pumps draw in heat from the surrounding air supplies and transfer heat to the pool to create the ideal water temperature.

Black Hose Method

The black hose method is one of the savviest ways for anyone to heat their pool. With a similar methodology as solar panels, the darker material on the hose draws in and absorbs heat from the sun and heats the pool naturally. Running directly from the pools pump to the pool, you will have warm water before you know it, at practically zero cost.

Solar Rings

Solar rings act in a very similar fashion to solar pool covers, the only real difference between the two is that solar pool rings are slightly more versatile and flexible. They are able to be moved and relocated around the pool itself. Solar rings are very easy to work with as you are able to position them anywhere around the pool instead of finding a cover that perfectly fits.

Pool Location

If you are yet to install your outdoor pool and you are already looking into heating options, the first aspect to consider is the location in which the pool is positioned. If your pool is positioned in direct sunlight then it will heat effectively and efficiently, for free. Locating your pool in an area that receives maximum sun exposure is the cheapest option when it comes to pool heating.

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