Successful Storage Business

5 Ways To Run a Successful Storage Business

There are 5 steps for running a successful storage business and take it to the next level. If these steps are followed properly, they can help grow your business and make it more profitable.


Once you have recruited the right staff, it’s important to provide your staff with ongoing training. Knowledge is power, and the more your employees know about your business, the better they will perform while they are at work, and the more successful your business will become. Training will increase the staff’s understanding of the business, maximize staff retention, and improve customer experience. Training the staff will help the managers feel more enriched in their roles, minimizing frustration and burnout. Whether running a multi-facility or a single operation, training can develop consistency and help standardize a high level of service. As your customer experience is improved, so will the number of repeat business and referrals. Training will also improve the efficiency and morale of the organization.


The next step on the list is to create an aura of accountability with the business, establish an understanding of the key performance indicators among your staff. Once that is done, you should be able to make changes to improve your business. You can set performance expectations of what is a poor, below average, acceptable, good, and excellent performance. Find an effective way to reinforce the expectations of your staff once the expectations have been agreed upon. You will need a method to measure and track the results, rest the benchmarks as the performance continues to improve. Maintaining discipline among your staff is essential; it is also important to find a way to motivate and reward staff while encouraging them to improve in certain areas.


The next step is to develop and execute a sound and comprehensive strategy to improve your sales. The tour manager is the most important asset in your storage business, and your most powerful tool is the phone. The proper sales strategy will allow him to convert phone calls and walk-in customers into renters, thus maximizing profits. It’s important to keep track and measure the important elements of the sales strategy in order to identify possible areas of improvement. It is also important to know how to compare your business to your competitors in the market to find out what they are doing right and what your business may be doing wrong. For the managers, their goal is to understand the different advantages that your facility has and how to use them to build trust and value with customers. This will enable them to rent out more storage units and significantly improve the bottom line. Sales training also plays a huge role.


Once you have established a solid sales strategy, spend energy, money, and time to come up with a practical marketing strategy. It’s important for your staff to have effective sales skills before investing money in this area. Sadly most managers invest money in marketing in order to increase consumer traffic with the necessary effort from sales to finalize the deal. This is a very unproductive method and a waste of money. When done properly, your marketing strategy can create a healthy stream of referrals into your business. First, you have to identify your target market. This can be done by keeping track of and measuring your marketing efforts. It will later become more evident where you need to spend most of your precious resources. Most storage managers are not consistent with their marketing and don’t establish a consistent strategy. There has to be repetition and consistency within the marketing strategy. Once this is achieved, it will work in unity with a product sales strategy and take your business into greater heights.


The final step is to create an environment that promotes higher productivity such as Pallet Racking in Brisbane. You will need to develop consistency in essential areas and reward great performance from staff. This will help keep your staff motivated and ready to work and, at the same time, bring focus and awareness to the key areas of your business. Productivity can be improved through incentives, setting goals, and bonuses. Come up with a way to recognize and reward high achievers.

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