Should I choose a free website host?

If you are starting a new business or are looking at marketing an existing idea or project, then you may be considering ways to get your product or service online. Social media accounts are easy enough but what is the deal with websites? Do you pay to get your website up and running or do you look for a free web host?

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Web hosting is every bit as important as the website itself. While the idea of free hosting is definitely appealing, here are just a few reasons why you should consider a reputable hosting company and prepare to pay for the service.

1. User experience

Websites are usually the single most important marketing tool a company has, so it’s important that it works, right? What if we told you that cheap web hosts often let their servers out to hundreds if not thousands of websites and, as a result, offer slow loading times and a poor user experience?

With a premium, paid service like web hosting, you can also eliminate those annoying ads!

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2. Security

Free hosting is unlikely to qualify you for good security, so it’s important to remember this when signing up to a package.

3. Back ups

If you are paying absolutely nothing then what incentive does a web hosting company have to take care of your data? Free web host services are unlikely to offer back ups and therefore your website that you have worked tirelessly on could be lost.

4. Flexible features

With free hosting, you won’t have much, if any, control over your settings. This means no opportunity to optimise your content or to set up mailing lists or other communications with customers.

5. Support

Lastly, with no investment, you won’t have any insurance. Much like the issue of data back ups, you will also be faced with the problem of having little or no client support for your website woes.

Sadly, services offering free hosting simply do not exist. And if you do sign up to a free of charge service, then you will probably find yourself paying nothing for a limited time only and paying more in the long run for a less than adequate experience. There are plenty of options out there for you that cater for all budgets. Just be sure to read the small print!

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