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10 natural garlic remedies

Garlic has been used as a natural remedy since the Middle Ages, well known for its properties and administered as a medicinal plant in different diseases, in this publication I list 10 different cases in which you can make natural remedies with garlic.

1- To expel intestinal parasitesgarlic remedies

chop a garlic head and heat it, without boiling, in a quarter of a liter of milk. Then it is left to rest for three to four hours, strained and taken on an empty stomach for ten days. At the end of that time, the parasites will be expelled. You can also prepare a balm for friction, which helps the expulsion of parasites. To do this, you must crush 2 garlic cloves with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and rub the abdomen.

2- For lowering blood pressure in hypertensive people

It is recommended to eat, on an empty stomach, a broken garlic clove. To avoid irritating the stomach lining, it is recommended to peel the tooth, cut it in half, and swallow each piece without chewing it, in order to facilitate its transit through the digestive system. Likewise, you can prepare a syrup with two grated garlic heads, mixed with 100 grams of sugar and a glass of water. It is recommended to take 2 tablespoons a day, to lower the pressure.

3- To combat earachesgarlic remedies

The garlic is crushed, boiled, strained, and then a few warm drops are applied. It is also effective to crush three garlic and mix them with olive oil, boil them, strain and apply a few warm drops in the ear. (As long as a ruptured eardrum is not suspected).

4- Garlic masks soften the skin and strengthen it

In addition to helping cell regeneration. Try the following mask, once or twice a week in the evenings. It is effective for any type of skin. Mix in the blender a slice of papaya with two garlic cloves and a little honey. Add a teaspoon of yogurt, and if you feel it is very thick, add another bit of yogurt. Then spread on the skin as if it were cream, and leave to act for half an hour, if possible. Rinse with lukewarm water. This mask with garlic is ideal for those who suffer from acne or pimples since it has properties that help accelerate the course of the maturation of boils and pimples on the skin.

5- In order to combat insomnia

Lettuce with garlic should be eaten at night.

6- To calm the cough and decongestantgarlic remedies

The respiratory tractGarlic should be spread on the chest and back. As a preventive, take honey and lemon, which together with garlic can prevent the appearance of flu, colds, and even allergies.

7- Inhaling crushed garlic cures the flu

Angina and colds in their initial stages. This same treatment is used in more serious cases, such as whooping cough, pneumonia, inflammation of the ears, and mucosa of the eyes.

8- If you suffer from impotence

The combination of garlic with wheat germ oil and cayenne pepper help restore virility.

9- To avoid arteriosclerosis and thrombosis

You should eat a clove of raw garlic every day. Garlic makes it easy for blood to reach all parts of the body and dissolves fat clumps that can plug or clog veins and arteries.

10- Against the stings of bees and mosquitoes

you must crush a clove of garlic, and put it in the form of plaster on the chopped area.

Garlic is one of the best disinfectants, it contains two antibiotic principles called garlic and allicin, which have a powerful action on staphylococci, and it also contains sulfur, silica, and iodine. It is used for diseases such as chronic bronchitis, influenza, diarrhea, edema, urinary tract infections, flatulence, and heart failure, among others.

It is not suitable for people who suffer from irritations of the stomach and intestine. It can be used fresh, in powder, in juice, and liquid. If we overcome the smell of garlic in our minds we will gain all its benefits.


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