Reasons why pizza is the best food ever

Yep, you read it right. We are indeed talking about the best thing to be ever invented, and probably the only reason we forgive Italy for Mussolini. If you are one of the millions who swear by the toppings on their pizzas, you will very well agree with the following reasons of why ‘pizza’ is the best food ever:

  1. Whenever, wherever

Before Shakira put her stamp on the term “whenever wherever” it was our very own pizza that was associated with that phrase. Actually, it still is. The delectable, round pizza is something that can be eaten, whenever you want, wherever you want. Need breakfast? Grab a pizza. Hungry at lunch? Grab a pizza. Dinner? Guess what! You can eat pizza! Be it a movie theatre or a restaurant, a pizza can be your food of choice wherever you are. Thankfully, to satiate our pizza pangs we have pizza chains like Dominos which offer discounts so that we don’t go bankrupt trying to prove our love for the food.

  1. Gourmet or fast food? Both!

The pizza can be both, humble and a snob. You could simply grab one with your favourite toppings of onions, jalapeños, olives, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc. or opt for the fancier options like zucchini, eggplant, silverbeet, pumpkin roast, etc. A pizza does not judge you for what you want to make of it (literally!); you may make it in the fanciest way or simply with toppings from the local market, a pizza will always, be a hoggable pizza. Yes, ‘hoggable’ is a word. Keep reading reheat chicken wings.

  1. It has cheese.

Need I say more?

  1. A food of international merit

Well, if it wasn’t, then why would it be served in most of the countries across the world? With its amazing variety, we believe that even aliens would invade us simply for our treasured pizza sauce recipes! If that’s not amusing enough, there are talks of NASA developing some machines that will allow astronauts up in the International Space Station to eat gravity forsaken pizzas! Our pizza might soon actually be “out of this world”!

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  1. Hot or cold? Again, both!

Revenge might be best served cold, but our lovely pizza is quite flexible. You could eat it as soon as it is out of the oven (and burn your tongue, but it will be worth it), or you could eat the leftovers from dinner the next day, like breakfast. You could store it in the fridge and have no qualms about eating it straight out of the fridge the next day because as mentioned earlier, it’s pizza. It’s the best.

  1. The party food

There is nothing better at a party than a pizza. The pizza does not see a theme; it simply blends in using its magical powers of taste. Simply order a bunch of pizzas and get the party started, with margaritas or colas serving as the liquid companions of our pizzas.

  1. Pizza does not judge.

It only understands. It’s the best comfort food; you may be going through a breakup or a job loss, you can simply load up a pizza with double cheese and wait for food nirvana to sink in. The pizza does not care about your calorie intake or your jerk of a boyfriend. It only cares about you.

We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to marry a pizza after reading all this, but since such alliances are frowned upon, we’d suggest simply ordering a pizza from your local popular pizza franchise today.

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