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10 children’s movies to watch as a family

Watching children’s movies at home is a great opportunity to share with your little ones, to have fun, and learn together.

Going to the movies is a fantastic activity to do as a family, but making an afternoon of movies at home is much more fun, preparing popcorn, soda, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas, are activities where all members of the family.

If you like a movie that is not currently in theaters but wants to see your children again, you can find it online.

And inspired by it, we bring you in this article the best children’s movies that you can look for to have an afternoon of family movies.

How to turn the home into a movie theater?

You can have and give your family a great home theater experience with some tips that you don’t want to miss.

Set a place in the house. It can be where you have your TV in the living room, in the dining room, in a hallway, in your main room, or in a meeting room. The important thing is that you put comfortable armchairs, cushions or sheets.

Have your own candy store with sweets and homemade food or some fries just for that special moment. Try to avoid junk food as much as possible.

It ensures that the place setting is as quiet and dark as possible. You can lean on thick curtains to give this effect, that way you will make the experience more special.

Have a good sound, so that everyone can hear the movie clearly or download the subtitled version.

Best children’s movies to watch as a family

To help you choose the ideal movie to watch with your children, we show you below a series of options that you will not be able to resist.

1. Big Hero 6children's movies

This film will make the family laugh with the fun adventures of Hiro, a teenage boy who loses his only brother, who leaves him with a very nice friend, a nurse robot named Baymax.

Hiro along with four other boys and his mechanical friend set out to find his brother’s killer, taking this group on an unmatched adventure. Big Hero 6 teaches that true friendship is support in difficult situations.

2. Tarzanchildren's movies

During a shipwreck, Tarzan and his parents arrive in the jungle, in which they are killed by a ferocious leopard named Sabor. Even as a baby, Tarzan is found by the gorilla Kala who takes care of him as his own son and teaches him the customs of his species. When the little boy becomes a man he meets Jane, a beautiful young woman who, together with his father and a scientist, seeks to study gorillas.

Thus begins a series of events that will lead Tarzan to defend his adoptive family. This film highlights how important it is to know who we are and what loved ones represent.

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3. Coralinechildren's movies

Coraline is a beautiful girl who feels a little misunderstood by her parents, who are very strict and who, although they work from home, do not pay attention to the girl. In her new house, Coraline discovers a small door that takes her to other worlds where she has a perfect family and charming friends.

Parents are often immersed in their problems and commitments. And do not realize that the well-being of their children is the most important thing.

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4. Kirikou and the Sorceresschildren's movies

Kirikú is a young man who from the moment of his birth already had the ability to speak and run, to help his people free themselves from a cruel witch named Karabá, Kirikú goes in search of his grandfather, a venerable old man who provides him with the tools to beat the terrible witch.

But Kirikú feels inside that there is a reason for Karabá to be so wicked. And in her eagerness to discover the truth, she finds that she was a victim of other people’s evil. This story teaches us not to judge people by their behaviors without first knowing the reasons.

5. My Favorite Villain

Gru is the number one villain in the city and whose reputation is at stake due to the appearance of the supervillain Vector. To regain his status, he seeks approval for a loan to build a rocket that will take him to the moon to steal it.

During his journey, he meets three friendly orphan girls who steal his heart. And makes Gru’s fearsome dream come true: the desire to be a father. This story makes us understand the importance of having a family that loves us and accepts us as we are.

6. Carschildren's movies

Lightning McQueen is one of the favorite competitors to win the Piston Cup. But his life changes when he is stranded by accident in Radiator Springs. A forgotten town where he is forced to fix the road that he himself damaged. In this town, McQueen is not known for what he begins for him. A series of teachings that makes him reflect on his arrogant behavior.

Car is a movie that leaves us as learning that believing ourselves superior to others only causes pain and suffering.

7. The Minions

The Minions are nice beings that are shaped like a pill, they are yellow. With different numbers of eyes, heights, and hair types. They love bananas and they only have one purpose, which is to serve the most despicable villain of all.

In their quest to find him, Bob, Kevin, and Stuart begin to live many fun adventures. This movie teaches the value of friendship and the importance of tolerance.

8. The Incredibles

Bob and Helen are two of the great superheroes in history and are known as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, who due to some inconveniences have to change their lives. And become ordinary people with their three children who also have superpowers. Bob resists not being a hero and this makes him face some problems that put him and the whole family at risk.

The Incredibles addresses the issue of family and cooperation to solve the problems that arise.

9. Hotel Transilvania

Count Dracula opens a five-star hotel just so that the monsters of the world can spend a few days off. On the occasion of his daughter Mavis’ 118th birthday, Dracula throws a party that will spiral out of control with the unexpected arrival of an unusual visitor, a human being named Jonathan.

From that moment Count Dracula and Jonathan begin to live a series of very fun adventures. Hotel Transilvania describes that being different is not something shameful since we are not all the same.

10. How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup Haddock III is a Viking boy son of the island’s chief, who has little skill and strength to fight the dragons that do so much damage to the population as they attack to take away food. This infuriates the Vikings and vows to kill these animals. But Hiccup meets Chimuelo, a friendly dragon with whom he begins a beautiful and beautiful friendship.


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