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Window Box for Front of House – ideas for exterior design

Flower pots or boxes are a wonderful ornament of any exterior, even if it is a kitchen, bedroom or living room window in a high town building, a loggia or a window in a country house or in a private flat. In order for flowers to be healthy and beautifully blossom and delight their owners, and care for them was not very difficult, it is important to choose the optimum capacity for plants. If you are going to grow flowers in window boxes, online store offers you stylish and comfortable pots of high quality, different shapes and colors.

It is very important to firmly and securely fix outdoor window planters with the help of brackets, supports or other fasteners. There are many features of this choice that your flowers could be safe. To begin with, you need to select the shape and material of the containers where your flowers or plants will be grown. Some cultures require a certain depth, while others are actively grown in breadth. Choose first which flowers you decided to grow outside your home window, so that it would be easier for you to choose a window box for it. There are several common materials for window flower boxes:

ideas for exterior design

  • Plastic. Today this material for pots for placing flowers outside the window is one of the most convenient. It can have different sizes, colors, shapes, and you could buy them in almost any flower shop and store. Plastic boxes are very light and not very expensive; so many flower growers choose this particular material.
  • There are practical window boxes made of polystone, zinc, fiberglass or fiberstone. These materials have a light weight, they are beautiful and convenient to use. Such models of boxes have a more reasonable price, and they are more popular.
  • Wood. Window boxes made of wood are more durable, they are universal and reliable, and their appearance can decorate the exterior, executed in any style. The tree can be painted under the color of the house; it is suitable for balconies or windows of high-rise buildings, for private houses or cottages. It is worth remembering that any kind of wood must be carefully processed so that weather conditions do not destroy its structure.

The next question is how to fix outdoor window planters so that it does not fall, do not stagger or turn over. There are three main types of fastening to fix the boxes you selected outside the house window:

Mountings. Removable (hooks) supports are not as stable as stationary, but this is a good option for those who often rearrange pots and change the range of grown plants. Another plus of removable options is the ease of installation.

Built-in (welding). Brackets for pendant pots, it is like a finished frame made of metal. No less popular today are metal brackets for suspended flower pots. They allow you to decorate the balcony, loggia and the space outside the boxes with flowers, which are hung on the wall. It looks nice and is suitable for windows and balconies.

Suspension brackets. It is welding a small fastener that has a chain to hold the flower pot. This choice is more decorative, and it can be done for pots of small size.

Recently, plastic pot holders have become popular as well. They are cheaper than metal ones, they are easier to install. This is especially true for residents of high buildings and an abundance of options presented on the market are very rich. But such brackets are suitable only for light pots with small flowers. And it is also very important to fix very firmly, as they can not withstand weather conditions (snow, rain, wind).

There are many different factors that are worth taking into account, so that your flowers look beautiful and you can just take care of them every day. If you choose reliable window boxes, then your flowers will be a beautiful addition to the exterior of your house.

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