If Carlsberg Did Lifestyle Surveys

With the third annual Carlsberg Consumer Insights Report looking into the out-of-home habits for adults and how pubs continue to draw in customers, we take a look at the lifestyle choices of consumers and what has changed in recent years.

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Premium Choices

Although the report states that although overall visits to pubs have gone down in recent years, those who do visit tend to spend more money looking for premium drinks and food. The average spend has risen 3%, which confirms that when consumers are visiting the premises, they are looking for better quality.

Technology and Experience

The use of technology has allowed consumers to have a better experience. With most establishments now offering Wi-Fi, there is no longer the need to consumers to feel that they are missing out on media interaction. The inclusion of Wi-Fi provides customers with a much better overall experience and allows them to stay in touch with aspects of the media not necessarily always found in a pub.

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Similarly, the ability to book online only works as a benefit for busy establishments, whose customers enjoy the certainty that they will have a seat or table.


The report found that around 50% of the population try to have a healthier lifestyle, which in turn sees them moderating their alcohol intake. Consumers aged 26 to 35 are now more likely to hit the gym rather than meet friends for an alcoholic beverage, and so greater availability of healthier drinks may be needed. Establishments may want to ensure that their Post Mix Equipment, such as those found at https://empireuk.com/post-mix-equipment/, is up to date and could look into adding healthier alternatives to alcohol to their drinks menu.

Social Media

With many pubs offering updates and special offers through their social media channels, they are helping create more awareness of events that will be held on the premises. From cocktail classes to coffee mornings, establishments can use social media to make specific demographics aware of what events are coming up. However, whilst it can be highly advantageous and a great way of getting to know what consumers want, not all pubs see the relevance of advertising through social media.

So whilst the Millennial generation may be less likely to visit pubs than their elders, it is still the most popular destination for out-of-home activity.

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