When is your loved one ready for memory care?

Alzheimer’s and dementia are progressive conditions that get worse over time. The early stages of dementia do not hinder the person from being dependent. Such a case makes the family unaware of the situation and builds ignorance of the long-term effects. As the disease progresses, the elderly require full time care.

A memory care center meets the unique needs of memory loss patients. Apart from the forgetfulness factor, a person can suffer from agitations, delusions, personality changes, disorientation, and confusion. Such symptoms have a high ability to put your loved ones at risk. In light of this, opting for a memory care center is the need of the hour. You can use the below indicators to signal that it is the right time to move your loved ones to memory care.

Worrying About Your Loved One’s Safety

It does not matter if your loved one lives alone or in an assisted living center. If you are worried about their safety because of their memory loss problems, it is time to move them to memory care. Memory care centers fulfill the memory loss patients’ specialized needs with professional staff and extra care throughout the day. With such trained caregivers, your loved ones can stay safe round the clock.

Are You Worried About the Safety of Other Family Members?

It is not a new observation that severe memory loss patients can cause a threat to the other members of the family. They do not do it intentionally, but with the cognitive and extreme personality changes, one needs to pay keen attention to their behavior. If you see that they are agitated in no time and fear the possibility of violence and threats of violence, it is wise to shift them to a memory care center. A memory care center can help maintain their cognitive level and help them with the overall wellbeing. The professionals know precisely to tackle such situations and help them work through their emotions constructively.

The Exhaustiveness

Caregiver burnout is real, and caring for someone with memory loss issues is exhausting and challenging. Moreover, without proper training, you may miss several essential aspects that can help your loved ones. Caregiving single-handedly is an unsustainable condition. Before you or your loved one break down, it is best to intervene and get help from the memory care community. They can help you make vital care decisions for your seniors. You can find memory care facilities online in your location, read the reviews, carry out research, and you are ready to make the decision.

Are They Neglecting Finances?

Neglecting finances is dangerous, especially if your loved one is living on their own. If you see any late notices or unpaid bills, it is a red flag signaling your loved one’s gradual memory loss condition. Before it gets worst and they end up making financial losses, convince them of the right decision for them.

Declining Physical Health

Physical changes are a part of the aging process. However, certain factors stand out from the others for people who have dementia and other forms of memory loss. Most older adults suffer from cardiovascular and orthopedic diseases, and if you see a decline in such areas, it can occur due to their lack of adherence to the medications. It is also dangerous as your loved ones are forgetful and may pop in an extra pill, leading to an overdose. To avoid such hassle, memory care facilities in Las Vegas take care of all the professional needs and create a healthy environment for your seniors.

Medical Issues of the Caregiver

Evaluating the health of the caregiver is a crucial factor in determining the health of your senior. If the primary caregiver falls sick or gets impaired, it can significantly affect your loved ones. They might lose weight, not have their meals on time, and might forget the medicines. In such times, your loved ones will need an extra dose of attention to overcome the emotional turmoil they feel towards their primary caregiver.

The Problem of Incontinence

Caregivers handle a lot, but if incontinence strikes, it might lead to discovering the memory loss problem of the senior. Experts state that when a person goes into the stage of incontinence, it becomes extremely difficult for non-professional caregivers, and hence suggest memory care centers, where there are round-the-clock assistance and well-trained staff.

The Subpar Living Conditions

If you observe that your loved ones are no longer caring for their house, piling up unnecessary things, and hoarding spoiled things, including food, you might have to shift them to a memory care facility.

Memory care centers are for people with mid to late-stage dementia. If your loved one is already at a nursing facility or an assisted living center, and you feel their memory conditions are deteriorating, now is an ideal time to shift them to a memory care center.


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