plane for a comfortable flight

What to bring on a plane for a comfortable flight

Whether it is your first flight or you’ve already lost track of how many times you’ve been on a plane this year, sometimes we all need a bit of help when deciding what to bring on board. Apart from the obvious things like your passport, cards, and insurances, here are some things that can help you survive the long flights that you’re preparing for:

Noise-canceling headphones

I think we can all relate to the absolute terror we feel when seeing a family with babies boarding on the same flight as we do. Although I love babies just as much as the next person, listening to them yell throughout the whole flight is definitely at the very end of my list of favorite things to do, so noise-canceling headphones are a must.  Some people prefer earphones or earbuds as they are more compact and take less space, but I stick to headphones because they provide the best cancellation of any external noises, no matter how loud.


Many people recommend bringing a sweater or a hoodie on the plane and although I have nothing against it, I still think that a cardigan is a much better suit for a flight. First of all, if you’re feeling too cold when wearing a t-shirt but too hot when adding a sweater on top of it, there’s not much you can do, while the cardigan gives you the perfect balance and makes you feel just right no matter the temperature on board. Secondly, it is a much more practical garment that you can also wear once you arrive at the destination, whether it is for going sightseeing or going camping. A warm knit cardigan should totally find its way into your carry-on bag in order to have a comfortable flight. If you are looking for a warm and stylish wool cardigan check online websites such as Keily’s, they have a great range of cardigans for both men and women.

Eye mask

An eye mask is something that you definitely wouldn’t want to forget to pack especially if you’ll have a long overnight flight. Depending on the company you fly with, sometimes the flight attendants can give you one, but it’s better to play safe and bring your own. An eye mask is great because it can not only help you get some sleep, but also isolate yourself from any unwanted discussions when you’re not feeling like sharing your life with strangers. Bonus tip: if you want the flight to feel more like an aromatherapy session, put a few drops of lavender and mint oil on the eye mask; this will make you feel more relaxed and will help you fall asleep faster.

Hand cream

If you’re flying often you surely know the absolute mess that your skin becomes after a longer flight. This happens because of the low humidity level, which makes your skin dry and dehydrated and in moments like this it desperately needs some help. Something as simple as a hand cream can come in handy (pun intended). When buying one, avoid ingredients like alcohol and look for vitamins, glycolic acid, natural oil, and lanolin instead. This way you’ll have a safe hand cream that you can even use on your face if necessary. And if you want to be even more prepared for the low humidity levels on the plane, you can also bring a hydrating sheet mask.

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