7 days DIY Advent Calendar for your boyfriend

Christmas is just around the corner and if this year you’ve decided that you want to make a truly original and uncommon present for your boyfriend, you came to the right place. Advent calendars aren’t in any way a new Christmas gift idea, but the greatest advantage of yours is that you’ll make it yourself and will put inside the things that your boyfriend mentioned wanting to try out or those that you’re 100% sure he’ll enjoy. Without further ado, here are some ideas for the 7 days of advent calendar for your lover.

Day 1: Festive socks

Put him in the right mood since day 1 with some Christmas socks. If there’s one thing known for sure about men, it’s the fact that they never have enough socks and a pair of some nice woolen ones decorated with holiday ornaments is the best way to keep him warm this winter.

Day 2: His favorite snacks

It can be his favorite Reese’s cups that he’s always getting when at the groceries store, but it can also be the beef jerky that he loves to chew on the way to the gym. Regardless of what it is, make sure it is a non-perishable snack that won’t go off until you put together the whole advent calendar.

Day 3: Perfect hat

For some reason most men usually strongly oppose wearing a hat in winter, but maybe it is because they just haven’t found the perfect one for them yet. Help your lover out by giving him a woolen hat that will keep him warm and insulation. If the beanies and aviator hats seems too basic for him, an Irish flat cap entirely of wool as these https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/accessories-irish-hats will protect him from the snow while also making him look chic. The best part of a flat cap is that it fits with everything and can be worn almost all year round, so he will always have something that reminds him of you.

Day 4: Some nice alcohol

Maybe he really enjoys craft beer and has mentioned numerous times about wanting to try out the new brewery that opened in your area, or maybe he prefers refined wine and Prosecco and you know exactly what his favorite brand is. Either way, he will be delighted to enjoy a glass of some nice alcohol with you during a romantic dinner.

Day 5: “Coupon” for his favorite meal

Speaking of dinners, a perfect present idea would be to put a “coupon” for his favorite homemade meal in the calendar that he can use whenever he feels like having it. This way, you will know exactly what he want to have for dinner and he will 100% enjoy his meal and what is it if not a win-win situation.

Day 6: Something related to his hobby

Nobody knows your boyfriend better than you, so you must be totally familiar with what his hobbies are and what he mentioned what he would need to continue practicing them. Maybe he has been looking for years for a specific color of oil paint or he complained to you a few times about how his gaming mouse isn’t working like it used to. Getting him something for his hobby will be a thoughtful present that will make him understand that you really listen when he talks about his interests and problems.

Day 7: Something important for him

On the last day of the advent calendar, surprise your boyfriend with a present that will be important for him, be it a new perfume that he will enjoy using, a matching hoodie that he will cherish, or a new phone, depending on the budget that you have. If you’re short on money this holiday season, it can even be a handwritten letter about how much you love him and where you’d like to see yourselves in a couple years. This will make a romantic and meaningful last Christmas present.

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