What should you do if your boiler suddenly stops working?

Having a boiler that stops working can be stressful, especially if the weather is starting to get a little on the cold side. Start by finding three boiler service companies that can give you a price guide or a quote. You can tell them your make, model and any other identifying marks (such a Gas Council number) to get a price guide or a quote over the phone.

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Ask for a breakdown of their plans to help you make the right decision. If they are replacing a pump will they flush the system to eliminate any debris or air pockets? All spare parts are new and conforming to manufacturer specifications. You should check the wattage of any heating element they are replacing. If it is shorter or lower in wattage, you might find that you have less hot tap water than you need.

Trusted Tewkesbury Boilers companies like Combi Man will be gas safe and properly certified.

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While some boiler repairs can be done inexpensively, many replacement parts can be quite expensive. It may be cheaper to replace your entire boiler if it is beyond its prime or has other issues.

Do not assume that a boiler will need to be retired just because it is old. Older boilers are built to last longer than the modern ones. An experienced boiler technician will be happy to share their thoughts with you.

You don’t have to replace an older system or conventional boiler with a new “combi”. While combis may be a little more efficient in fuel consumption, they are not always an improvement.

Finally, make sure to check your insurance policies before you do anything.

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