What are the best fabrics for a winter?

Winter is coming, as the Stark family are always telling us. Considering a winter in Westeros can last up to seven years (and possibly involve Zombies and White Walkers) these things need to be taken seriously. Whilst it’s not likely we’ll get those kinds of conditions there is still 4 or 5 months where there could be a bit of nip in the air. What fabrics do we need to be kitted out in to protect us from the cold? Ned and the Starks favour the pelts of Wolves, you won’t need to go that far.

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It’s time to put away the linen shirts and trousers, they’re no good to you now. In the past you would have been donning wool but there are several different types of wool that you can wear and it does not need to be the coarse kind. For example Cashmere is thick and provides better insulations. Just make sure it’s unalloyed cashmere (read the label!) otherwise it’s been “cut” with lambswool and is not as good. It means that you don’t need a base layer.

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Fleece is another option. Created as an alternative to wool it was the domain of the outdoor hiker but has slowly made its way into the fashion houses as a viable material to use. It is brilliant at retaining the heat within your body but it can repel or keep moisture out as well. Get a decent hat and scarf and you are laughing. Kit yourself out with some new gear before it gets too colder by visiting EJ Menswear and looking at the range from XV Kings Menswear.

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