How to celebrate when you’ve got your house.

It’s certainly going to be a happy day when you finally get the keys to your new home. It might be your first or you may be an old hand at it but whatever stage you are at it’s a really great feeling. How can you celebrate this happy event? Why not stick some of these tunes on when we can all have parties again or just maybe have them as a feel good selection. If you’re still trying to get a place get some Information on buying a house from those good people at Sam Conveyancing.

  1. The Animals. House of the Rising sun. This is a tale of a young man laid low by a den of iniquity. He’s becoming a drunk and a gambler and regrets it but still acknowledges that he’s had a jolly good time along the way.
  2. Shakin’ Stevens. This Ole house. Shakin complains about the lack of time he has to rebuild his crumbling home. It’s a bit of a singalong tune, got to number one and shows why Shakey was the no.1 recording artist of the 1980’s (no, really).

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  1. Madness. Our House. You can rely on “the Nutty boys” to provide you with a feelgood saxophone heavy tune. This is no “Baggy trousers” but it has a certain eastend charm featuring stretching lyrics such as, “Our house, in the middle of our Street” with a song centered on a London terraced house that would probably sell for about a half million now.

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  1. Rosemary Clooney. C’mon a my house. What is it with Rosemary Clooney and houses? She also scored a number 1 in the UK and US with This ole house like Shakey did. This is a weird song as it features Rosemary offering Christmas trees, Easter eggs, candy, Figs and grapes if they visit. In the end she offers them “everything” whatever that entails. So needy.

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