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Wedding Guests Should Never Wear These Things

Weddings vary so much in style and content these days, with different themes being popular. If it’s a Star Trek-themed wedding, then there is a particular dress code and you would be told where you could get your Star Fleet uniform. If, however, you are going to a more traditional wedding, where the bride will be wearing a gorgeous white dress and the groom will be in a morning suit, there are some definite “don’ts” in the style guide.

Wedding Guests

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No White Dresses for the Ladies

If a wedding guest dresses in white, it just looks as though she (or he) is trying to compete with the bride and makes them look a bit naff. On that subject, don’t wear the same colour as the bridesmaids either. It may be difficult if you are not close to the bride, but it’s advisable to try to find out. Someone will know, even if the bride is trying to keep it all a secret. When in doubt, steer away from pastels and hope the bride isn’t going to dress her bridesmaids in scarlet!

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Nor Black

It’s a wedding not a funeral, and it’s reckoned to be bad luck.

Jeans or Sportswear

This wedding will have cost somebody a lot of money, so unless the invitation specifically says so, wear something appropriate. If a wedding guest dresses like they’ve just come from the gym, it looks as though they haven’t really made any effort. If the bride is in white, it’s clearly quite a formal affair and you should dress accordingly. There are plenty of online shops, such as, where you can get some inspiration. If it’s a casual affair, still wear something smart-casual.


If a bride is going for white, the likelihood is that she will have her veil held in place by a diamante tiara. If you wear a tiara too, just as with wearing white, it looks as though you are in competition. Or that you are appearing in panto later in the day.


Children should dress for the occasion too. They don’t need to look like Little Lord Fauntleroy, but jeans and trainers don’t hit the mark.

Remember that weddings are stressful for the bride and groom, and being a good guest is one of the ways you can help make it better for them both.

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