Interior Wall Painting Ideas

Interior Wall Painting Ideas: Add Vivid Colors, Amazing Murals

Interior Wall Painting Ideas: Give Your Room Zip-Pop-Bam With Color

Interior Wall Painting Ideas in a game room need that “ZIP-POP-BAM” effect! But don’t stop there, liven up your bedroom, family room, den or office with those same “ZIP-POP-BAM” painting designs you’ve brainstormed.

There are many ways to paint a wall and just about every expert has their own “special” technique. What you need to concentrate on first is how you want your walls to look. Do you want two-tones, stripes, checkers, solid colors or each wall painted a different color? So get your painters to cap on, AKA your thinking cap, close your eyes and visualize how your finished paint job will look. GREAT! Now here are a few more interior wall painting ideas.

Let’s start with STRIPES.

Stripes in a room look awesome they’re great for adding decorations. First, you could use a single horizontal stripe going around the whole room. Good placement of that stripe would be anywhere from mid-level up to three-quarters height or eye level. You do this for a reason. Within the stripe itself, you could add an array of designs or stenciled words or decorations and more. It works sort of like a large frame. Adding more than one stripe just gives you that many more options.

Vertical stripes again have the same qualities. You can use them as a space to add decorations. With vertical stripes though you can make the whole room striped with two or three fun colors. Using three pastel colors as your stripes that are continuous around the room would give your game room a “Candy” effect. This would work as a good wall design for the 1950s/vintage theme room. You’re talking fun, colorful and very “ZIP-POP-BAM”.

Now take a minute and visualize all the cool ideas you could do with stripes. Don’t forget to write down your ideas now or yes you will forget them. Keep reading Renovation Ideas to Help Increase your Home’s Value

Another favorite of mine is a use of different colors for each wall.

Taking your solid color idea to another level you could make each wall a distinct solid color in itself. Don’t scoff at this type of idea because they do look great. Many people use two different wall colors in their family rooms or bedrooms so why not bump that idea up a notch and make it 4 different colors. I’m not saying be drastic with the color choices. You could do 4 shades of blue. Or use your favorite team’s colors. By painting this way you’re really giving yourself a blank canvas when it comes to decorating the room. I’d leave one wall white for the future addition of a hanging projector TV to project it’s image upon. These types of TVs are great for watching sports and on movie night. The other 3 walls I would really have to brainstorm. Maybe paint a wall mural on one, add my favorite sports teams posters on another and use the third for an array of fun stuff. The main point with this painting idea is that it’s really fun and you really get to let your decorative imagination run wild.

An all-time interior wall painting ideas favorite for game rooms is the “Two-Tone” painting design.

The Two-Tone Painting Design can be done in a number of ways. Many people prefer a two-tone where the top of the room, say one-fifth from the ceiling down is painted one color and the rest of the room a different color. This is a long-standing favorite way to paint. But being this is the game room you could do one-third or even half the room one color from ceiling to middle and the other color from middle to the floor. The top one-fifth acts like a border and works nicely when adding posters and decorations to your walls.

Many more great interior wall painting ideas are yet to be seen.

That’s because you haven’t painted your room yet. You’ll find that right in the middle of your painting you’ll come up with a fun and unique idea all your self. Whether it’s adding a stencil or mural or a lattice-like design or your own drawings you’ll come up with a lot of neat interior wall painting ideas. But in order for that to happen, you NEED to get motivated and brainstorm your design and then DO IT!

Interior wall painting isn’t something you should be forced to do, it should be something you want to do. Especially when you’re coming up with a fun painting design idea all your own. So once again, sit back, close your eyes and visualize your room painted, now sketch it out on paper and get to it.

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