Ultimate Oil Vape Cartridge Comparison

For intensive vape enthusiasts, the choice of oil cartridge is just as important as the choice that’s made about which battery will provide the right amount of staying power. Quality materials make the big difference most of the time, but sometimes a new atomizer design gives a cartridge a real advantage over the competition. If you’re looking for the best oil cartridges available in early 2019, there are really three contenders: Jupiter, iKrusher, and CCell cartridges.

What Makes Each Brand Special 

Here are the individual specs for each competitor in this roundup:

  • Jupiter: There are Jupiter cartridges for practically every occasion, which is why fans love them. Glass & liquid specialized cartridges last longer when used as recommended, and you can even get single-use disposable variants.
  • iKrusher: For vape builds that minimize waste, the iKrusher cartridge is essential. It has a high-quality stainless-steel atomizer designed to work over the long haul, a removable mouthpiece, and it is designed to be reusable, providing substantial savings in the long run.
  • CCell Cartridges: With a variety of sizes and builds, these high-quality reusable cartridges innovate on the common cotton wick design with a ceramic core atomizer. The result is a powerful draw, with a long-lived cartridge built to work especially with CCell batteries.

So Which Cartridge Is Best? 

If you’re looking for something that lasts longer than the traditional cotton wick design, the CCell cartridge options have a lot to recommend them, but some users might wonder if they are safe to use with batteries other than the recommended ones? The truth is, there aren’t proprietary threading systems or designs. The reason recommended batteries are recommended is because their power output works well with the cartridge. If you use CCell cartridges with batteries that have similar specs to the recommended ones, they should be cross-compatible.

If you’re really sold on a traditional cotton wick, the best alternative is the iKrusher, but serious vape enthusiasts should check out more of CCell’s offerings before dismissing this new design. Look at the CCell vape ecosystem online at your favorite retailer.

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