Types of Professionals That Work in Retirement Homes

Many retirement communities are located in one area of town, while some can be found across the country. They typically have an age requirement for 55-80 years old applicants. The professional roles in retirement homes vary, depending on the type of home and clientele. Some types of professionals that work in a retirement home are listed below.

Residential Assistant

A resident assistant (RA) typically assists residents with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, cooking, and cleaning. They are also responsible for enforcing the facility’s policies while ensuring that each resident receives appropriate care.

Recreation Assistant

A recreation assistant (RA) helps plan activities for the residents, such as trips to the local library or grocery store, and assists in carrying them out. If there is a fitness program at the facility, they may lead some of these activities. They also keep files on each resident detailing his likes and dislikes to make programming more personal for each person.

Activity Director

An activity director is in charge of an entire day’s schedule of activities. This includes meals, entertainment, recreation time, and special events like birthday parties or visits from children or grandchildren. Recreation assistants typically help with daily planning, but the activities director coordinates everything within the facility.

Dietary Assistant

A dietary assistant keeps track of residents’ diets and ensures their special needs are met. They assign daily menus in advance and ensure that all meals are prepared according to the appropriate nutritional guidelines. Dietary assistants may record each resident’s health status to be aware of any allergies or dietary restrictions they have.

A Nurse

A nurse is usually on staff, even when other medical personnel rotate in and out. This ensures that there will always be someone available who can help with emergencies. A nurse helps with physical examinations, medications, treatments for illness or injury, documentation of patient care, and coordination with outside healthcare providers such as physicians or insurance companies.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists (PTs) promote health by restoring functional ability through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. Their goal is to enable individuals to achieve as much independence as possible to return to their usual daily activities.

Social Workers

Social workers help people address personal and social problems. The problems can be related to everyday life or a major life experience, such as parenting issues, marital conflicts, serious illnesses, and disabilities.

A Doctor

They provide professional medical care for the elderly in a variety of settings like Sorrento Retirement Home. In retirement homes, physicians complete periodic assessments on residents’ health status and make necessary changes to treatment plans if needed.

A Nutritionist

A nutritionist shows the residents how to make healthier food choices. They guide how to manage chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease through a healthy diet low in sugar and high in fiber. They also work with dietary assistants to plan menus that meet nutritional guidelines.


An administrator or manager oversees all operations at an assisted living facility, including financial stability and risk management procedures. Because there is always a wide range of business decisions, an administrator or manager has many roles outside of overseeing staff–including marketing, human resources, and hiring practices.

Retirement communities offer a variety of benefits to older people. Typically, these homes are for retired seniors that want the independence of having their own space and do not require medical care.

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