The truth behind wide-plank flooring myths

Wide plank flooring is sturdy and great looking, offering both durability and style; however, there are lots of myths surrounding wide plank flooring. Read on to find out the truth behind these myths.

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It is not a specialist choice

Wide plank flooring can work in many different spaces and is not a specialist choice. Wide planks mean fewer boards, with seams reduced in width and length. The wider planks mean the grain of the wood is more dominant and has cleaner lines, making wide planks ideal for fans of the wood look.

Planks can be wider than 10 inches

Many people think wood comes in set widths and you can’t get wider than 10-inch planks. This is not true – wide plank specialist sellers stock planks as wide as 20 inches, and sometimes even more. Read more 5 Helpful Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Wide planks can withstand moisture

Some people think wide planks can only be installed within a narrow moisture window. Although from 28 per cent to 48 per cent moisture is best, it can be outside this framework. We all know that moisture can damage flooring and other structures, but there are ways to deal with damp.

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Longer and wider

Long wide plank flooring from a supplier such as is cut from the part of the tree that is thickest for length and width.

Worth the expense

Longer planks cost more as a flooring solution; however, they look better than cheaper planks, which are cut from narrower sections of the tree.

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