Three Ways to Protect your Home from Burglars on the Dark Winter Nights

As winter is now here, the hours of darkness that we will have in the UK will be longer. There are lots of ways that this inconveniences us, but one of the things to be particularly aware of in these months of the year is the risk of burglaries. The longer hours of darkness provide the perfect conditions for burglars to slip into homes unseen.

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At this time of the year, it is wise to assess your home security and to consider the ways that intruders might find weaknesses and use the darkness to enter your home.

One of the first and most obvious things to check are the locks on your doors and windows. Not only should you always ensure that these are locked but if they are faulty then now is the time to have them replaced by someone like these Locksmiths Exeter.

Lighting is something else to think about – security lighting should be placed in areas where there is darkness that a burglar might use to access your property. Side entrances to the home as well as gardens are good places to put security lighting, as well as near any outbuildings that you have such as sheds and garages.

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Another good thing to have is an alarm system. This would alert you if someone were to try and enter the property and it also acts as a great deterrent to burglars who won’t want to risk being caught.

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