Things Your Tattoo Artist Wishes You Knew

Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience, although some clients can get intimidated by the thought of the needle. Tattoos are permanent, so you shouldn’t rush to get one. When getting one, often, clients frustrate the artist with certain behaviors, making the tattoo process harder for both parties.

Be Ready To Spend

How much does a tattoo cost? The price depends on the size, complexity, and the artist’s skills. If you ask vague questions, like, how much is a small or large-sized design? You may not get the correct answer.

At Least Have an Idea of the Design

If you are unsure of what you want, don’t get one. A tattoo is a permanent piece of art, and it’s quite absurd to ask an artist if they have an idea of what you should get. The design should be something you’ve thought of and concluded because it will become part of you.

Act Professionally In The Tattoo Parlor

Often, clients treat tattoo parlors with some sort of disrespect. They don’t value the place as they’d do with a bank, hotel, or other business. Act professionally in the shop and respect the artist as you’d respect a manager or other boss somewhere.

It’s Unethical To Ask For An Exact Copy Of A Tattoo

It is unethical to copy another artist’s work. Though you may not run into legal issues, taking another person’s work is stealing. Instead, research, get ideas and work with an artist who will create an original design out of your findings.

Avoiding Touching Surfaces Or Tools In A Tattoo Shop

Although a tattoo parlor is for artwork, it’s also like a medical place because the artists use needles. The tools and supplies should be kept sterile. It is uncouth to touch surfaces or equipment in the parlor and place foods or drinks on the floor.

Follow Instructions

A tattoo is like cosmetic surgery that requires after-care. The same way you follow the doctor’s advice, you should follow instructions from the tattoo artist. If you disregard instructions, don’t blame your artist if something goes amiss. In addition, come when full and ensure you take a bath.

Prices Aren’t Always Negotiations

Tattoos are a luxury. You can just walk into a parlor and start negotiating like any other marketplace. Artists are trained and have spent years honing their skills, so you should pay for the services without a tussle. Please save up and come back later if your account can’t allow it.

It’s Okay To Come With A Few Friends, But Not A Group

The idea of bringing someone in when going for a tattoo is okay because you may feel uncomfortable doing it alone. However, it becomes an issue when you bring more than five people. They may interact at high volumes and move around touching items. Other clients may feel intimidated by having so many people idling around and gazing at them.

You Should Control Restlessness

If you can’t tolerate pain throughout the process, you shouldn’t get a tattoo. The restlessness may put your body at risk, and once an error occurs, it means failure for the artist. Some clients can’t control their screams and wriggles, which is quite annoying.

Tattooing Takes Time

It’s common for clients to walk into a tattoo shop and expect to get a large tattoo within minutes. Others don’t make appointments, but they expect an artist to serve them right away. Clients should know that a larger tattoo requires multiple sessions, which takes time.

Tattoo artists are just like other service providers out there, so it’s best to treat them and their parlor with respect. If you are a first-timer, understand that tattoos aren’t cheap, the process is painful and not instant, and you should follow instructions to heal quickly.

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