The UGears Steam Locomotive: a new generation of puzzles and construction sets

We all know and love jigsaw puzzles. They do not only help us relax while engaging in an exercise for our brain but also help us achieve a sense of accomplishment when we are done, whether we were alone or together with friends and family. Emerging in England in the 1860s as educational toys for children who were interested in Geography, puzzles quickly gained popularity and are nowadays still a popular educational gift and a niche hobby.

Throughout the years, puzzles have been by our side, becoming a top-seller, during the Great Depression and helping families unite and enjoy themselves during the most difficult times. But nowadays puzzles are faced with the challenge of their own, and this is other smart toys, especially technologically advanced ones. It is hard for puzzles to compete for the attention of both children and adults in the times when all the entertainment and educational needs can be covered by simply turning on the computer or a smartphone. This is why puzzles had to change and adapt.

3D puzzles are a combination of a good old jigsaw puzzle and a construction set. Both are equally important in training our memory, improving our visual-spatial intelligence, as well as helping children get better academic results, and adults – fight early onsets of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Construction sets for children are usually age-limited and children tend to grow out of them quite quickly, while construction sets for older children and adults are known for being not always easy to assemble as you need special tools and a lot of dedication due to large quantities of small parts. What makes 3D puzzles special is that they borrowed the best features from puzzles and construction sets, while eliminating the disadvantages of both.

The UGears Locomotive is a unique set not only due to its size (it consists of 443 parts) and difficulty level (it will take between 9 and 16 hours to assemble it) but because it is an immaculately-detailed miniature copy of the legendary 19th-century steam train! The Locomotive is made from 100%-natural high-quality plywood, and all of its parts are pre-cut and only need to be snapped out of their wooden boards with just a bit of pressure applied. This eco-friendly 3D puzzle, just like other sets by UGears features a number of moving parts that illustrate the key principles of mechanics and pay a tribute to the human technological genius. In addition, neither of the UGears sets require the use of glue, screwdrivers, or any other tools for assembly. Each 3D puzzle set comes with a comprehensive manual in 11 languages which ensures that the assembly process will bring nothing but joy and excitement. And in the end, you will get a mechanical toy, a stylish office accessory, or an elegant element of décor for your home that was made with your own hands.

A fully-functional and self-propelled rubber-band motor allows the Locomotive to move on its own for up to 16 feet operated by a lever. But the true highlight of the Locomotive set is the highly-detailed replica of a steam engine with asynchronous pistons and valves. The exterior of the train is open to reveal this beautiful mechanism and serves as a perfect illustration on how steam would be channeled into the steam chamber. The Locomotive’s cabin is also stylized and features a retractable ladder and tender doors that can be opened. Once assembled, the Locomotive is a complex and mesmerizing model that its owner can show off to everyone else as well as use as a starting point for a new hobby and new creative experiences.

With wooden 3D puzzle sets by UGears, puzzles and educational construction sets have been given a new life and are here to continue entertaining us and help our brain enjoy life to the fullest.

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