The serene beauty of manly

Manly is located in Australia and is famous for its pristine white beaches, which are popular tourist destinations. Manly possesses a strip of sand that extends from the Queenscliff to South Steyne, a treat to the eyes. Fair Bower and Shell beach have beautiful rock pools and sandy beaches where many tourists visit.

The Norfolk Island Pine trees are a signature tree species in Manly, lining the beaches’ border and giving them a look of regality. Manly is a beautiful place to rest for a while and enjoy life because it has everything you need to have a good time, i.e., food, music, and fun!



Waterfront Manly restaurants are some of the most beautiful restaurants in the world that serve delicious local food that will leave you wanting more. Lining the beach are many such wondrous institutes that will appeal to your taste buds and will make you truly appreciate the gastronomic heritage of Manly.


After a hearty lunch at the many waterfront Manly restaurants, you may seek to burn those calories by going on a trek to Coogee. The hike starts at Bondi and is a 10km walk that lets you discover hidden gems such as Fisher Bay and Sand Beach. You can continue walking beyond Coogee, which leads to the rugged terrain of the North Head.


You cannot visit Manly and not ride the Manly ferry. The ferry takes you to the Sydney opera house and the Sydney harbor bridge and lets you marvel at them while gliding effortlessly in the clear water. Don’t miss this priceless experience as it takes just 30 minutes of your time.


After the Manly ferry ride, you can go to the Manly Corso, a pedestrian mall. It has bars, shops, eateries, and musicians who will entertain you while eating or shopping. The vibe of the place is modern and is a cool place to hang out with your friends.


You will find many people who are gliding on water, with the help of their surfboards. Surfing is a prevalent sport in Manly and is worth the hype. Standing on a board while you move over a liquid surface effortlessly is a feeling second to none. The Manly surf school has been teaching people the art of Surfing since 1983.

Grotto Point Lighthouse

Manly’s waters are incredibly diverse and offer a chance to sight rare species such as the humpback whale and the white-breasted eagles. The best place to watch these beautiful animals in action is the Grotto Point Lighthouse, a white cement lighthouse with beautiful Aboriginal engravings.

Manly Dam

The only water body at Manly isn’t the sea but also the dam at Manly. It’s a quiet location where people usually go fishing and kayaking. The cold waters are also a welcome escape during the summers, and one will find scores of people swimming in the dam, surrounded by pine trees. The Manly Dam is an idyllic place where you could go for a picnic with your loved ones and enjoy nature.

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