The inventions of Thomas Edison

One of the makers of our modern world has to be Thomas Edison. He was responsible for so much modern technological development that it is hard to imagine what life would be like without his vision. The impressive fact was that he was able to not only invent, be was also able to put these inventions into practical use. Unlike his contemporaries like Tesla, he delivered on the promises that he created.

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Edison gave us light through his work on the light bulb. Finding a way to control and create light through the use of the filament gave humans the capacity to study, work longer hours, and feel more secure in the streets at night. It also removed the need for the use of gas. In terms of entertainment, he was the man who developed the motion picture camera. His vision created the first film studio in North America. He may not have invented the technology for your mobile phone, but he certainly made the camera inside it possible. Without Edison, no Youtube or Marvel Cinematic Universe, imagine that so, if you need a new phone to make those movies or watch them try Local Vodafone stores in Ireland. Vodafone Store Ireland based companies are the best after all.

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He was also responsible for creating a better telegraph system. This was to fundamental improve communication and commerce between the world. It was the equivalent of the internet in many ways as it connected different regions of the country and nations in ways never dreamed of before.

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