The Best Way to Wear a Track Set

Created in the late 1960s and popularised in the 1980s, track sets, or tracksuits as they are known by many, are making a comeback in popular fashion. Famed for being soft, comforting and relaxing, tracksuits are also showing themselves to be more than just laid-back leisurewear.

Labels like Rockstar Original are releasing super fashionable and stylish tracksuits designed not only for comfort but to turn heads too. Still sceptical? Or worried about how you’re going to pull off the tracksuit look?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about looking fresh in a tracksuit.

When to Wear a Tracksuit?

What are the ideal scenarios to don your tracksuit? Let’s take a look:

Jogging: Tracksuits were originally designed in the late 1960s to be worn during light to moderate exercise like jogging. If you’re signed up to your local Park Run or just heading to the gym to lift some weights, it’s time to pull out the tracksuit from your wardrobe.

Relaxing: Soft, warm and comforting tracksuits were made for lounging around in the house, sitting on the couch watching Netflix and walking to and from the fridge dozens of times just to double check that something tasty hasn’t miraculously appeared where the vegetables used to be.

Eating Out: Whilst we wouldn’t recommend going to a Michelin Star restaurant in a tracksuit, there’s nothing wrong with going to a chain restaurant in your favourite track set.

Socialising: Whether it be going to the movies, heading to the mall or just having a few drinks with your friends at a local bar, the tracksuit has its place. Swap out you Adidas Essentials for something more luxurious and you’ll look just as good as you would in a pair of jeans and t-shirt.


(Top tips for tracksuit styling.)

When to Avoid Wearing a Tracksuit

It goes without saying that tracksuits aren’t suitable for every social setting, but just to be extra sure, here are a few places/scenarios to avoid donning a tracksuit at all costs:

Work: There is nothing smart casual about a tracksuit, even if it has a collar and buttons. Your boss is going to call you in for a chat whether you turn up in a thrift shop tracksuit or a Gucci one.

Job Interviews: The impression you want to make on a job interview is that you’re professional and serious, unfortunately a tracksuit doesn’t quite say that.

Clubs & Certain Restaurants: You won’t get past the door staff at nightclubs wearing a tracksuit and similarly, if you go to a high class restaurant wearing one you may be asked to leave.

Formal Occasions: Got a charity dinner coming up? Think about wearing a different kind of suit altogether.

Tracksuit Accessories

Like any outfit, tracksuits look better with certain accessories, and a whole lot worse with others! Here are a few tips on how to make your tracksuit pop:

White Trainers: There are scenarios where black or other coloured trainers may go with your tracksuit, but in general, you can’t go wrong with a fresh pair of white trainers.

Baseball Cap: If you’re the type of person that looks good in a hat, your full tracksuit look might just be complete with the addition of a baseball cap. Similarly, in winter, tracksuits can be augmented with woolly hats.

Watches/Jewellery: The best thing to do in this scenario is to colour match or colour clash. With you watch be sure to go with a strap that matches/compliments the colour of your tracksuit and with jewellery, opt for high contrast gold and silver items.

In Summary

The humble tracksuit is back. Whilst the look and feel of popular sets may have changed though, none of the etiquette has. Avoid wearing one in formal situations though and you’ll be just fine.

What’s your favourite tracksuit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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