The Advantages of Adjustable Deck Supports

Adjustable deck supports are used to maintain the level of a deck. They can help level the floor during construction and after any ground movement. These support systems are sturdy and made of steel. They are easy to install in concrete support blocks or sonotubes and can be reversible. Their baked powder-coated finish provides excellent rust resistance.

Paving Spacers

Adjustable deck supports for paving provide a variety of benefits. They increase load-bearing capacity and provide easier installation of heavy materials. They also provide uniform paver separation, which is crucial for external flooring. They also allow for easy access and drainage. These supports feature spacer tabs, which make them highly versatile.

Adjustable supports come in different sizes, from two to four inches. Individual spacer tabs also enable designers to be more creative in their designs. These supports are installed at the corners where pavers meet. They can also help reduce noise and provide fine-tuning leveling.

Adjustable deck supports are a time-saving alternative to metal stirrups or brick piers. They are manufactured from mold-resistant polypropylene, making them maintenance-free. These supports can be used as bearers or paving spacers for various applications. They are also easy to install, making them a convenient option for many construction projects.

Self-leveling Head

A self-leveling head is an integral part of adjustable deck supports. The head is designed to compensate for slopes up to 5%. Self-leveling heads feature a stainless steel center insert that secures the slope. Spacer tabs are included, allowing you to space the deck tiles evenly. If you plan on adding sleepers or shims, you’ll need to purchase additional pedestals.

A self-leveling head-on adjustable deck support is essential for smooth deck installation, particularly in sloped areas. Whether your deck is flat or slightly sloping, a self-leveling head can compensate for the slope and make your installation much more accessible. A self-leveling head on an adjustable pedestal support allows you to adjust the height of your deck with ease and precision. These versadjust pedestals are incredibly easy to install, and they are easy to use.

Rubber Paving Shims

Rubber paving shims are adjustable supports that help level a hardscape area. They provide additional shock protection and sound dampening and allow for fine-tuned leveling. They are also helpful for challenging landscaping areas. Depending on the height and density of the pavers, you may need two or more shims to achieve the perfect leveling.

The adjustable supports are made of tough, lightweight rubber. They can support up to 400kg. They also help to drain water, preventing localized pooling. They also improve ventilation under the sub-structure. Additionally, the supports prevent the build-up of mold underneath the flooring surface. Unlike traditional post supports, these pads are light, allowing them to be moved around without damaging the sub-structure.

Rubber paving shims come in a range of sizes and shapes to meet the job’s specific needs. They can be easily cut to fit the surface and are available in 1mm, 2mm, and 5mm thicknesses. You can stack several of these shims to achieve the desired thickness.


The adjustable deck support can be repositioned in a deck to allow for leveling during construction. Its 2725 lb capacity allows it to level the floor to follow ground movements. Adjustable deck supports can be adjusted from three to a half inches. They can be installed in concrete sonotubes and deck blocks. Another benefit is their reversibility, allowing the base to be tipped 180 degrees.


When installing a deck on a new or renovated home, adjustable deck supports can be an excellent solution. These supports are designed to provide solid support to the floor of your deck while also facilitating leveling during construction and following ground movement. They are steel and installed into a concrete support block or Sonotube. They are reversible and feature a baked powder-coating finish for excellent rust resistance.

Adjustable deck supports come in several designs to best suit your specific needs. Some models feature a self-leveling head and automatic slope compensation of up to 5%. Another option is a pedestal that has a solid rubber support pad. These supports can also be used to lay pavers directly over concrete. Regardless of your type of support system, you will need to follow specific installation guidelines and procedures.

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