Some Google Facts

Search engine optimization is all about how to help your website rank better on Google. Ideally, every business wants their site in the top spot on the global search engine. Here are some interesting facts about the tech giant that you might not know:

  • The original name of the company we know now as Google was in fact, Backrub.

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  • Google owns the biggest index of websites in the world with an index of over 3 billion websites. If you were to print off this list of sites, the paper pile would be 130 miles high!!
  • The technology Google uses to run its searches is called PageRank. It assigns a value relevance to each site and uses this to order the sites. The more relevant Google thinks your site is, the higher it will rank in the search results. This demonstrates the importance of SEO for any site wanting to do well. Find out more about an SEO Agency Belfast like
  • Google has 12.2 million followers on Twitter and their first tweet was ‘I’m feeling lucky’ in binary code.

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  • A third of all Google searches are completed on mobile phones, demonstrating the importance of having a site that is optimised for smartphone use.
  • Google is a giant and has a 90% market share in search engines.
  • Google’s homepage is available to be read in 80 different languages.
  • The company is worth $400 billion which makes Google one of the most valuable brands on the planet.

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