Three Spring Bulbs to Plant Now

The autumn is a time that we tend to start spending more indoors. The flowers of the summer months are mostly gone now, and we tend to our homes instead, and can still enjoy beautiful blooms indoors from places like this Tewkesbury florist The Flower Shed. However, there is a lot that we can do in the garden and the autumn is the ideal time to plant bulbs ready for the spring. These will be the flowers that first start to arrive to herald the end of the winter and getting bulbs into the ground in the autumn is a great way to prepare our gardens for a spectacular floral display in the spring.

Here are some of the bulbs that you can plant at this time of the year that will be beautiful blooms next year…

Snowdrops – These are the first to peep up above ground and are a joy to see. They are hardy and will come up even at low temperatures. They are a sign that winter is coming to a close and that warmer days are on the way.

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Daffodils – Blooming later than the snowdrops, daffodils have a sunny and bright demeanour, and you can’t help but smile at clumps of daffodils. There are many different varieties to choose from and they are versatile – they can be planted into the ground or in pots and planters.

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Crocus – These small but robust little flowers look best when planted in large clumps, which then means that they form large carpets in the spring. From deep purple, to bright zesty yellow, to white, mix the three colours of crocus for a dazzling display.


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