How to assemble 5 fun decorations for a smash cake

How to assemble 5 fun decorations for a smash cake?

The world of decoration is almost infinite, and every day it is renewed with new methods, terms and innovative ideas. This article monday, we will show you the funniest smash cake decorations, ideal for that little boy or girl in the house. If you don’t know what smash cake is, we’ll give you a brief concept. These are photo sessions, which are carried out with 1 year old babies and a cake as the main element. It consists of the interaction of the baby with the cake, while the photographer captures every moment.

To carry out these photo sessions, a prior organization of all the accessories, place and other details to be used is necessary. We want everything to look extremely striking, for this reason, it is necessary that you make a good choice of colors, taking into account, in the same way, the decoration of the cake. You can make it simple with fruit or cover it with a little buttercream adding the color of your choice. Below we will show you the most striking designs of this incredible event.

Girl smash cake decorations

Children will always love sweets. It comes in their genetics, so from birth and during their growth, they will be totally attracted to its delicious flavor. For this reason, this incredible idea was born, an event held at the right moment when the baby begins to have changes, which include the development of its taste buds. Basically, it is the welcome to try new foods and, in turn, live a totally satisfying experience.

If it is the case of a little princess, as it appears in the photograph, the space must be decorated appropriately. In the decoration, you have the freedom to add flowers, but first, you must check that your baby is not allergic, so we will avoid accidents. The colors are also an important point. This time pink and pastel tones abound because she is a girl. For the cake, it is better to go simple. The option shown in the image is one of the best. It has a light cover and only in the lower part can we see some roses completing the look.

The smash cake theme is one of the most recent when we talk about decoration, and it is still applied for the simple fact of being able to appreciate the incredible expressions of each child captured by the eye of the camera. If in your mind you have planned to create a more stunning style, the model that we present to you is the one for you. It is necessary that on these occasions you seek help from an expert with the topic of decorating, so you can have everything on time and with phenomenal results.

If you are looking for an explosion of sweetness, you just have to look up and appreciate the model of a super pink smash cake. As you can see, every detail fits perfectly, from the balloons to the illuminated letters. The idea is to create a perfect combination that obviously stands out. That’s why this is a clear example of what is being sought, adding brightness without exaggeration.

Decorations for boy’s smash cakeDecorations for boy's smash cake

All moms want their baby’s first year to be extra special while creating lasting memories, so we encourage you to lean towards this fantastic option. We are in the second part of the corresponding article for today. This time it’s up to the boys to shine and be free, with a mega original safari theme.

To get out of the traditional blue, we decided to present you with a different motif. Remember that the decoration for photo sessions cannot be so ornate because among so many elements, what you really want to capture is lost, and we will obtain a totally scattered image.

We are already in the final stretch of this sweet and fun tour of decorations for the smash cake. Before we go, we show you this sensational model, quite simple but creative. In the background, we can see a ring of balloons, with some bombs representing certain animals. It is a decoration that meets the main characteristics, creativity and simplicity. Due to this, you can perfectly capture the expression of this baby savoring his cake.

We hope that all these ideas to put together an unforgettable photo session have been useful to you. Remember that we are updating our content daily. Do not forget to visit us when approaching a special occasion. We are your allies in decoration, and we love to offer you our help in the most important moments.

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