How to pick the right courier

Courier driving is big business these days. Online shopping means more vans on the road delivering to private addresses.

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The trend for shopping online looks set to increase, as indicated in this article: There are six critical factors to providing a good courier service.

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1) Organisation

A driver may have between 50 and 100 parcels to deliver every day, with everything from clothing through to Briggs and Stratton Parts like those sourced by , so it is crucial to have a plan in terms of the route and packing up the van in a logical order. Using Google maps or a sat nav, and taking advice from the customer if a property is difficult to locate, are all tools that a good driver will use wisely.

2) Being Safe and Legal

A good driver will keep within speed limits and not park inconsiderately or illegally. On rural roads, drivers will be aware of horses and other animals, as well as walkers on the road. If the mobile phone needs to be used, it is essential to stop or to have an efficient Bluetooth system.

3) Delivery Stops

The driver will have to be prepared for customers not being at home and will be prepared to ring to check if anyone is indoors. If necessary, he will leave a card if the customer is not at home. In some cases he may take a photo of the front door.

4) A Positive attitude

Good drivers will leave their problems at home. A bad frame of mind can lead to erratic driving or being rude to customers.

5) Checking the Diary and Reviewing the Day

A good driver will assess how the day has gone and sort out any issues or problems. It may be necessary to review the map and route plans if there have been any tricky moments.

6) Not Being Over-Zealous

Those drivers who become very fast and efficient may find that the work is piled on to an unmanageable level by an unscrupulous employer. There are targets to be met, but the job can become dangerous, and there will be more unhappy customers if the courier driver is over-burdened with work. It is a fine balance to be achieved.

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