Rethinking Braces with Invisalign: Sydney

Invisalign orthodontic treatment is an alternative to traditional braces that has become very popular among adults. If one has crooked or overlapping teeth and wants to straighten them, they can opt for Invisalign in Sydney from different experts that help people achieve their goals. It is also a non-invasive procedure that makes it highly preferable today. Statistics suggest that 67% of people in Australia have some dental issues. They require orthodontic treatments, for which they approach experts in the industry. Thus, this article will shed light on the characteristics and benefits of such procedures.

Confidence Booster

A person’s smile is a reflection of their confidence, so it comes as no surprise that individuals with misaligned or gapped teeth are often self-conscious about their appearance and may even feel embarrassed to smile in public.

Fortunately, the Invisalign system offers a safe and effective way to align teeth without creating any noticeable changes to the smile. Thus, many individuals prefer it today.

What does Invisalign Treat?

  • People with crooked teeth from childhood can have gum problems later in life.
  • Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, but if one catches it early enough, it is treatable.
  • Untreated gum disease can also make one’s gums sensitive to heat and cold. And if people are not careful about brushing their teeth with infected gums, bacteria may reach their enamel and cause cavities that weaken the teeth over time.
  • Invisalign aligners are custom-made for each patient based on their unique bite pattern and shifting needs as they go through treatment—so there is no need to worry about whether or not they will fit!
  • Professionals offering Invisalign in Sydney understand the demands of their customers and ensure service excellence.

Alternative to Traditional Solutions

  • Invisalign is an alternative to traditional orthodontics.
  • It uses clear aligners to straighten teeth and can get completed in less than two years.
  • As iterated earlier, statistics suggest that 67% of people in Sydney have teeth/gum problems. They approach experts in Sydney, offering orthodontic solutions at affordable rates.
  • Invisalign aligners get made out of polycarbonate plastic (like a hard plastic drinking glass), making them very durable and easy to clean but still allowing patients’ mouths and gums plenty of room for movement throughout treatment.
  • The clear aligners get designed with an optical grade finish that is virtually invisible when worn — even if they smile wide!
  • This characteristic means no more hiding behind closed lips or avoiding smiling.

Digital Scans

  • With Invisalign® treatment, experts take a series of digital scans that show how the patient’s teeth will move as they straighten.
  • They then create a 3D computer model of the mouth and use it to design the correct-fitting aligners that will move one’s teeth into position during treatment.
  • The aligners are made from clear, flexible material and are comfortable to wear.
  • People can remove them to eat and drink normally, but they must wear them for at least 22 hours each day during treatment.

What to Consider

  • Patients can eat and drink casually while wearing them but should ensure they do not eat hard foods or chew gum (this can cause damage).
  • They should take them out when brushing their teeth and using mouthwash.
  • They are not suitable for sleeping in.

The benefits of Invisalign orthodontic treatment include the following:

  • No metal braces.
  • No wires.
  • Makes eating and drinking easy.
  • Easily removable for cleaning, eating and drinking.

In conclusion, individuals wanting to smile confidently and solve their orthodontic problems can approach experts offering Invisalign in Sydney. These professionals understand the ins and outs of the industry. They create a holistic regimen for individuals to follow throughout their procedure. Thus, many people prefer these services today.

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