Rather than move, look to a classy extension.

A Timber Framed Extension is a perfect option to extend the living room in your home. The beauty and practicality of having your walls and roof constructed with timber is hard to deny. With a timber framed extension, you can have a seamless extension that fits in perfectly with the existing design and colours of your home.

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If you currently have a house built, timber framed extension will provide the same level of quality as your current home. It is the same material used to construct your home, and it comes at a fraction of the cost of other framing methods. By choosing this method over the use of other materials, you will be saving yourself thousands of pounds, as well as giving your home a new look and a new lease of life. If your existing home has undergone significant alterations, such as new windows or roofs, then this is a quick and easy way to have all of the changes reflected in your new design.

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When you use timber frames for your extension, you will find a vast array of styles, colours and finishes available. You can choose timber that matches your existing paint colour or is a contrast to it, and you can have the timber framed window or roof in any colour or shade that you wish. You can even have your new frames made to order, so if your existing windows are stained or just need a freshened up, you can have your windows redone to make them look great and bright again. There are a number of different contractors in your local area that specialise in timber framed window extensions, so you should not have any problems finding someone to install your new additions.


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