Office Design Trends That Will Make Your Workforce More Productive

The traditional office layout is fast becoming a thing of the past. Modern-day offices are leaning towards a more fashionable and often more employee-led design, incorporating company goals as well as encouraging productivity. How can you redesign your office to get the most out of your employees?

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Visualising Your Company’s Ethos

Remind your employees why they are there doing what they do, day in and day out. Carry your company’s ethos and give your staff a sense of purpose by decorating the office with relevant art, furniture or signage. decorate their office with employee portraits next to portraits of their own ancestors. Make the décor relevant to your own business, giving your employees a sense of purpose and a feeling of belonging.

Single-Team Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are generally used by all of the teams within an office. Why not allow each team their own meeting room? It gives them their own space with the freedom to decorate as they wish, perhaps hanging their idea processes and achievements on the walls. The room itself can play a role in the team’s collaboration and keep ideas fresh.

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Casual Spaces

With casual, comfortable areas such as cafes or lounges, you provide a relaxed space in which staff can work remotely. Working away from the desk is becoming more common, and when given a quiet space in which to focus on some solo work, employees can be less distracted. Make sure that your casual spaces are not interrupted by traffic. Office fit out companies such as can ensure you use the space you have in the best possible way.

Keep It Fresh

Traditional rows of desks in an office setting can be monotonous. Break them up by adding in some space – seating areas can provide a welcome intermission, as well as meeting spaces. A more complex layout can ensure your employees are kept interested.

Keeping Noise Levels Low

While your staff will often need to communicate with each other, this may be distracting for those working nearby and not involved. Sound can travel relatively far throughout offices, so it is a good idea to adjust the acoustics. Carpets in corridors or well-placed furniture and plants can help to block unwanted noise. Acoustic screens can be eye-catching as well as practical.


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