Now Take All the Advantages of Stainless Steel Water Bottles

The safety of drinking water is a big problem when you are away from home and the water treatment system. As for Ontario residents, they have invested in water systems and coolers for a fresh supply of clean drinking water at home.

But then comes another problem: what to use for water storage? To reuse some plastic bottles again and again, as some people committed, is unhygienic. What’s worse, the plastic bottles may bring worries about the safety of BPA.

Now, there is a better choice for you: to use a stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic bottles. Below presents some of my recommendations.

First of all, stainless steel is extracted from nature, and products made of it are all recyclable. Though plastic bottles are also recyclable now, they consume more energy and resources in the process of producing and recycling than stainless steel ones. If not recycled, the plastic bottles would take over hundreds of years to break down naturally. And in the process of degrading, plastics will leach potentially toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A and poison the environment.

Secondly,everyone must have the impression of how flimsy plastic water bottles are, since they are made for one-time use only. Although some are made for multiple-time use, there is the possibility of them melting when heated by the dishwasher. However, a stainless steel water bottle won’t have any risk of these kinds, and it is perfectly suitable for a dishwasher machine.

Stainless steel bottles are available in almost any condition. Versatile and durable, they are recommended to many athletes and adventurers.

Thirdly, a great concern about plastic bottles is that they may harm the user’s health.  Some chemicals migrate from the plastic bottles to the water they contain. The chemicals emitted from them might cause cancer when being absorbed by the human body.  When plastic bottles are heated, people get even more exposed to the chemicals. But with stainless steel bottles, you can drink water pure and clean without carcinogens, and no longer need to worry about any negative health effect.

Also,plastic water bottles lack the function of preserving heat, but stainless steel water bottles can give you a free choice of cold or hot water whenever you want. The capability of insulation enables the stainless steel bottles to keep cool water cool for 24 hours and hot water warm for nearly 6 hours.

Finally,stainless steel water bottles are available to be regularly cleaned in the dishwasher safely, without the risk of melting or losing shape. Washing the bottles after usage can prevent gems from accumulation.

Compared with plastic bottles, stainless steel water bottles are environmentally friendly, durable, safe and sanitary, excel in all aspects. What’s better, stainless steel bottles can be equipped with carrying straps, spouts, handles, and clips, and can be painted into cool colors and shaped uniquely, all following your own inclinations. In short, customization of a personal stainless steel bottle is available.

Now: stop wasting money on water systems as people in Ontario do and start using stainless steel water bottles wherever you go.

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