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The 5 most common mistakes in the area of human resources

Most times the value of an area of Human Resources is underestimated when in practice, your work can make the difference between a productive and stable company and one with high turnover. However, the low assessment of the board of directors towards this area makes mistakes that end up costing a lot of money.

Small, medium and large companies must understand that the HR team is not just to pay the return, or give the correct settlement. On the contrary, its functions aim to provide employees with the conditions to show their full potential; In fact, the most successful companies are those that consider their human capital as the most important factor.

The happiness of the teamwork

However, it is never too late to make a diagnosis and correct faults. Therefore, we share the 5 most common mistakes in the area of Human Resources so that you do not commit them.

1. Lack of training effects the area of human resources

area of human resources

When you hire a new person, you can not expect him to know how the company works, or that he knows perfectly how to perform his duties without due induction. For this reason, the HR team must be constantly evaluating the staff and providing the appropriate training; otherwise, it will result in frustrated collaborators with lower productivity.

In addition, constantly educate the team is a way to motivate them and give them an added value that will lead them to become loyal to the company and perform better.

2. Lack of recognition for achievements effects the area of human resources

achievements effects the area of human resources

All people want to feel valued, we seek to feel that we are more than numbers and an exchange of money for work. As a result, we can not expect an employee to spend years in the same job without expecting recognition from the company.

Actions as simple as extra vacations, coupons or congratulations, can make the difference between a motivated team and one that counts the hours because they are 6 pm. As humans, we seek the approval of those around us and obtain a reward (monetary or moral) for the effort given to the company.

3. Do not promote internal staff its also effects the area of human resources

area of human resources

Yes, sometimes you need someone with very specific skills for a position, but there are other vacancies that could be the opportunity for a promotion for current staff. The new generations look for more than a salary, they want to know that they will have a career plan, where personal and professional growth is encouraged.

If there is not a culture of growth, it is possible that your collaborator does not have a long-term plan to continue in the company. Therefore, promoting internal promotions will not only save you from explaining the operation of the company; Also, it will be a reason why your team wishes to spend a long time with the company.

4. Very poor communication effects the area of human resources

area of human resources

How can your team trust the company, if the company does not trust them? This is one of the biggest mistakes made in large companies, the information is handled too stealthily causing disinformation and discomfort.

It is always those below who realize the latest news that can affect their lives, or sometimes, they do not even realize it. Therefore, it is recommended to have different communication channels that help to have more fluid conversations. In the same way, communicating important news among collaborators will contribute to the construction of community and belonging.

5. Terrible work environment effects the area of human resources

area of human resources

Last but not least, is to pay more attention to the work environment that is lived in the company. Yes, it is obvious that this is necessary, but fulfilling it is much more complicated than it sounds.

How to do it? Sometimes, the mere fact of improving the lighting or work team can make a difference, as HR team should continuously evaluate the opinion and feelings of the collaborators and thus, solve problems that inconvenience little by little. Also, it should be taken into account to carry out group programs that help to create links between the areas and, in this way, make them feel like a team. Continue reading What does the upcycling revolution mean for business

This error is also caused by the lack of follow-up. What does this mean? That in spite of making evaluations on the state of the equipment, the necessary measures are not taken to repair it. Not only is it necessary to recognize the problems, it must be continuously monitored for improvement.

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