What Do Millennials Look For in Web Design in 2019?

Millennials are more technologically inclined, and websites need to appeal to them. There are many ways you can appeal to this age group.

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How to Target Younger Generations

Mobile Access

Perhaps the most important way to target millennials is to ensure your website is optimised for mobile use. Most people use their mobiles and tablets to access online content now, and a well-designed interface is essential. By getting feedback from those who use their mobile regularly, you’ll be able to improve your design. Google recently announced that more searches are done on mobiles than desktops now, and a third of the world’s population owns a mobile.

Keep a Focus on Philanthropy

Today’s youth might be thought of as lazy, but the truth is that they do care about the world and like to see companies stand for a cause. Donating some of your websites to charity or highlighting relevant problems appeals to millennials and makes them more likely to use the site. Organisations that work for social justice are popular and show your company cares about more than just making money.

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Friendly Content

Formal wording isn’t popular with millennials. They like to see friendly content with a light-hearted tone. Content needs to be natural, and the use of current sayings personalises websites. Fun videos are appealing and make people more likely to use the sites more. Facebook and Twitter are often used by millennials to share content and websites they enjoy. The friendlier the website, the more likely people are to share it with others.

Don’t complicate your website.

There’s no point in writing long-winded content that takes users ages to read. There is a good chance they’ll click away before they’ve reached the first paragraph. By keeping content short and snappy, you’ll retain people’s attention. Using videos and demonstrations works well and provides a more engaging experience.


Designing a website to appeal to young people can be a complicated process. A professional web design Gloucester company,  such as Digitel can assist in developing an appealing site for the younger generations.

By using the right tools and methods, you can ensure your website appeals to younger generations and has sustainability. There’s no doubt that the future lies in mobile technology, and it is imperative that a business keeps up with the times.


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