When a man and his horse was the fastest Same Day Couriers around

In today’s hectic life and fast paced work schedule we rely on the ability to be able to have items we need delivered as quickly as possible. Same Day Courier service from all about freight are a typical example of the kinds of delivery services that are available. A quick phone call to them and your urgent delivery, planned delivery or delivery of any kind can be planned and on its way in a few hours.

The concept of a fast, effective delivery service is not anything new. Back in 1860 America a delivery service known as the ‘Pony Express’ was established and became the first quick delivery service in the country, even if it was short lived. If you haven’t heard of the Pony Express before here are a few interesting facts, you might be interested in reading.

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  • The ‘Pony Express’ was launched on the 3rd April 1860 with one rider leaving St Joseph Missouri with a mail bag that contained 49 letters, 5 telegrams and a variety of other papers and documents and he headed in a westerly direction. At the same time a rider, 2000 miles away left Sacramento with a similar selection of items to deliver and headed in an easterly direction.
  • The route set up for delivery was Missouri to Kansas, then on to Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and finally to Utah and Nevada before ending in Sacramento. Along the route around 150 stations were built each with a station manager employed to take delivery of items and look after the horses.
  • The riders used to travel at around 10 miles per hour and would ride late into the evening to cover the 1966-mile route. It took them approximately 10 days to cross through 8 of the modern-day American states. This was much faster than a stagecoach and could actually cut down the travel time by at least half.

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  • The riders would ride for around 75-100 miles at a time but would change their horses often. The stations that were built were located at around 10 miles apart and the horse would be changed at each of these stations. This meant that a horse could be changed up to ten times a day with around 400 horses purchased to be a part of the Pony Express with most of these being of a Californian Mustang breed.
  • Riders were paid up to $125 a day and were expected to be upstanding citizens. One of the co-founders Alexander Majors demanded that all riders and station managers would swear an oath stating that they wouldn’t swear, fight or drink. They signed their oath on the inner pages of a bible.

The ‘Pony Express’ really was a great concept and helped to revolutionise the postal service in America

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