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Makeup trends for 2019

Makeup trends for 2019. It’s time to talk about trends make up for 2019, and that if there is something that we do not let slip under any circumstances is the makeup that will sweep next year. An advance: the eyelashes with volume come as a novelty and the minimalist face repeats once more. Ready to start? These tips help you in your makeup style.

Trends make up for 2019

XXL eyelashes and beyond

Rihanna already said, in 2019 lashes should be the undisputed protagonists of your beauty look. Long, very long, thick in black and with an extra volume.  All this and much more with a single mascara? Yes, if you use eyelash pre-base and you get a quality eye shadow. What has been said, bet on an intense look of those who take the hiccups?

 Eyeshades color block

No eyeshadow with glitter, or matte tones. This year fashion is crazy and very fun. Paint your eyes with a shadow in yellow, pink or blue and you will catch all eyes, as we anticipated Lebor Gabala. Not suitable to take to the office. It is one of the best Makeup trends for 2019.

Red lips and very seductive

And the number one spot for the most sensual beauty trend is once again for … Yes, lips in deep red (Chiara Ferragni  knows it well). They can be worn with smoky eyes or eyeliner and the most natural makeup. Perfect for the office, shopping, spending an afternoon with friends and any other plan that comes to mind. It is one of the best Makeup trends for 2019.

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Freckles, freckles and more freckles

Maybe it’s Emma Watson who has put them back in fashion, or maybe it’s street style. The fact is that if you are a girl with freckles you are in luck because this year they are back in fashion. Take out all the party you can and learn to brag about your freckles. It is one of the best Makeup trends for 2019.

Minimalist face repeats in the list of the must have

As we anticipated at the beginning of this post, the minimalist or natural makeup is again among the beauty trends of 2019. Makeup foundation, concealer, mascara and a touch of color for the cheeks. That’s it, the perfect makeup that gives the feeling of not wearing make-up. Do as Sara Carbon or and learn to take advantage of your minimalist makeup. It is one of the best Makeup trends for 2019.

Full-color eyes

When we say in full color, we refer to Cara Delevingne makeup. Color above and below the eye, well-marked mascara, and shiny lips. Another trend in crazy makeup that comes to turn our beauty case upside down. Do you dare to try? So far the main trends in makeup for 2019.  You will triumph with your beauty looks! It is one of the best Makeup trends for 2019.

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