Applications of Excavators in Modern Farms

Machines in Farming: Here are 5 Applications of Excavators in Modern Farms

Excavators are some of the most recognizable pieces of heavy equipment all over the world, with uses and applications spanning different industries. They are incredibly versatile and can be used for numerous jobs, ranging from construction and demolition to mining and forestry. However, in the recent past, the use of mini excavators in the agricultural sector has risen to an all-time high.

Although it may seem unconventional, these machines can be customized to fit an incredible range of uses. By fitting the right buckets and configuring them to suit the relevant uses, excavators will be a rather practical and functional addition to your farm machinery. Here are 5 ways you could apply them to your own farm.

  1. Clearing land

For the longest time now, clearing land has been done by people using axes, shovels, and machetes. Burning off vegetation has also been popular for a long time, but is now being abandoned by many environmentally conscious farmers across the globe. Both these methods take a significant amount of time, and may also be very labor-intensive.

An excavator allows you to clear up large tracts of land at a time, providing an easy and efficient way of getting rid of trees and their stumps from your property.

  1. Improving the accessibility of farms

For farmers with vast property, it is always a good idea to ensure all corners of such land can be accessed easily. Being able to move from one section of land to another will prove incredibly convenient. It will also facilitate the transport of your produce and harvest from the farms to the warehouses and to your consumers. This will make you even more productive as a farmer.

This is why many farmers opt to dig out and level roads on their land. This is one of the more common uses of excavators. With the proper bucket fitted to one such machine, you’ll be able to make roads that traverse all across your property much faster than you would if you had the job done by hand. Over time, it will cost more to build and maintain these roads- especially if they are simple and untarmacked. Using an excavator to level out high-quality and durable roads will provide more value for longer.

  1. Maintaining proper drainage and water supply system

A good water supply and drainage system are one of the most impacts of good, sustainable farming. Whether you plan to dig outlines for your water pipes, trenches for the sewer lines, or a well to provide clean water for the farm, a mini excavator will be a powerful and adequately competent tool to use. For livestock farmers, this equipment could also be used to dig water points and ponds for cleaning the animals.

  1. Farm construction work

An excavator will come in handy when you need to dig and transport sand and gravel from your farm. These machines can also help move large patches of soil, rubble, and debris from your farm when you’re clearing it for cultivation. If you’re looking to put up storage facilities and other farm structures, a mini excavator will help dig out and set the foundation quickly and efficiently. Such tasks will be much easier to undertake using heavy machinery.

  1. General uses on the farm

A huge part of selecting farm machinery lies in figuring out the farming needs you have, and the equipment that meets these needs the most. When outfitted with the right bucket, excavators and mini excavators can prove to be just as useful as tractors, if not even more so.

For instance, using an auger attachment, it’s possible to dig up holes for fence posts in less than half the time it would take to do it by hand. In cattle ranches were paddock grazing is practiced, erecting fences is a job that needs to be done each season.

A mini excavator could also be configured to help lift heavy items around the farm, like bags of fertilizer and produce and load them onto tractors, trucks, and other transit vehicles much quicker.

Having an excavator from Source Pro Equipment could help make each of these tasks less tedious and overwhelming than they are.

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