Local Promotion

Low Cost Local Promotion and Marketing

So, the company of yours isn’t going so well? You need something to lift you up a bit? Yet, you don’t want to waste time with leaflets and spam e-mails? There is a possibility that you oversaw something. Your neighborhood is an excellent place to start, and you need to do something for those people, not just to wave around with a poster of your company. You need to do something…. Meaningful.

Charity nowadays had become a more or less common thing. But, how many companies can say that they and their customers are both involved in helping others? A few. So, that is what you should do. Make a statement that from each piece of your product a certain amount of money income will be given into charity fund. In the end, publish the amount of money which you managed to collect, and give a credit to your customers. After all, you really did help someone, together.

Local Promotion

Make your company customer-friendly. A few times a month, organize the open-doors day. Make advertisement in a local newspaper that on a specific date you will be giving free advice and opinions from your field of work. Be careful though, that emphasize what benefits customers could get from your advice, so you don’t appear to be a company that just wants to associate on Saturdays, but rather help people in need. Also, you could organize custom branded giveaways, in form of some useful items, such as flashlight, mugs, calendars, etc., rather than simple leaflets. Bear in mind that these items need to be something that will customer use and need, rather than throw it away.

Your customers need to feel special, so, make some form of VIP membership, for those that are coming on a daily basis. Offer them discount coupons, printed material such as t-shirts, USB flash discs, hats, whatever you desire. This gesture will ensure that happy customers will return regularly, and most important, you will benefit from mouth-to-mouth advertisement, for if they are pleased with your service, surely will recommend you to their acquaintances.

Remember; never be afraid of your customers. Approach them, introduce yourself, and ask how they are pleased with your service. Never underestimate a simple handshake and an introduction. People like when being heard, when they can make a suggestion or comment on the quality of service provided. This will be emphasized by the fact that someone who has an influence on the situation is actually paying attention to what they have to say, and will tell you, without fear, once they realize that you really are trying to improve your relationship with them. The company that truly cares about their needs is the best form of promotion you could get. In order to be so, make your conversation informal, so the customer won’t have a feeling that he is talking to a manager, but a neighbor.

So, everything said considered, in order to be known globally, you must first become known locally. People from your surroundings are your primary goal, if you wish to succeed, instead of blending into the other, stereotypical associations and companies. Good luck, and be bold!

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