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Life hacks to help you during NYC internship

Did you get to New York as an intern? Congratulations! Now you just have to find out how to do it in New York with absolutely no problems, and we have a few hacks for you.

New York has a population of over 8.3 million, and due to its small size, you can sometimes feel like you are drowning in a sea of people. As an intern, you will have to find some way to solve all your household issues without neglecting your internship. That’s why we have a few tips to help you save more time, money, and, most importantly, nerves. Thanks to our tips, you will be able to comfortably devote yourself to your internship and not feel overwhelmed.


The first thing is to find affordable intern housing in NYC such as Thanks to this housing, you will save not only time but money also. Many people wonder if they can afford quality housing from their budget. Thanks to Coliving, it is very much possible. So the first thing is to arrange quality housing. New York is one of the most expensive places in the world, so apartment rents range from $2,000 to $6,000. Of course, it depends on the location, the quality of the apartment, the size of the apartment, and last but not least, on your nature and modesty. If you are a demanding person, it can be much more. Thanks to Coliving, however, you can live in the best locations (yes, also in Manhattan) for a lower price and also in a quality, clean and safe space. If you want to save money and make life easier, be sure to try out this type of accommodation.


Buy a MetroCard. New York has a very diverse range of public transportation, and with more than 470 stops on the subway, you can get almost anywhere for just $2.75. A normal business month is around 20-22 days, so you’ll quickly relieve your wallet if you buy a 30-day MetroCard, which will cost you $127, but you can use it for 30 days at any time. The card will pay for itself and will pay off after 44 swipes. You still have to reckon with the fact that you will use the metro even on days when you will not work. The monthly MetroCard is therefore very worthwhile. Compared to Taxi or Uber, it is a really low price.

Grocery delivery

If you want to save your precious time, do not go to the shops but instead try to buy everything over the Internet. Take advantage of various delivery services that will bring food directly to your home or office and save you tons of time. Plus, you save money by just buying what you need. You know how it works in stores, you go there for one thing and come back with a bag full of things you don’t even need and then throw them away later. Buying food online will protect you from these impulsive purchases.

Budget control

Money is an important part of each of us, and it’s no wonder that in today’s world of advertising, we tend to spend more than we can make. That is why it is especially important for you, as an intern, to stay in check and not go beyond your budget. We therefore recommend that you download various applications that will control your budget and alert you that you are about to exceed the limit or alert you to various other useful things that will help you not to exceed your budget. Money is more important in New York than in any other place.

Happy Hour

So that you don’t feel overloaded with work, it will be quite nice to go out with a friend somewhere from time to time. If you want to stick to your budget or at least protect it, look for businesses that offer happy hour. You can get a lot of music for little money. Happy hour offers a large number of different businesses throughout New York, and we don’t have to talk about food or drink. These also include tickets to cinemas, theaters, and other attractions.


As an intern in your field, you want to get as many contacts and opportunities so as to get as high as possible in your career. In New York, you can achieve it, for example, by participating in various networking events. Thanks to this, you can meet very interesting people who can help you greatly in your career. You should not miss the opportunity to participate in such an event if you know of any in your area. Thanks to the newly created contacts, you can have a huge advantage over other interns in your company. We would say that the right contacts are priceless in life and this can only be the beginning. Your new contacts can introduce you to someone else and so on. Take advantage of the fact that you live in a city full of opportunities, do not be ashamed, and go to a networking event as soon as possible.


Behind every job well done is hard work, but also rest. If you have chosen Coliving as your new lifestyle, you know that you have as much privacy as you like. But what if you want to relax under the open sky? Take advantage of the myriad of parks that are being built throughout New York City. In each of them, you can play sports or just sit, lie and relax. Every job is demanding in some ways, and if it’s too much, you have to learn to relax and take some time out for yourself. We recommend that you try a walk in Brooklyn Bridge Park, which will offer you not only peace and quiet but also one of the most beautiful views of the New York City skyline. After this experience, you will feel truly relaxed and can then go with full steam in your work again.

As an intern, you need to realize that you are balancing between the thin line of overwork and well-being. If you can harmonize your work with your personal life, you will live a great life full of harmony. This, of course, is reflected in your performance at work. You will be more efficient, and be able to do more which will make your superiors perceive you as being very capable. What more could an intern want?

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