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Japanese Hair Straightening: What to Know

When we talk about Japanese hair straightening we refer to a cosmetic treatment with the aim of straightening curly or wavy hair. This way of straightening hair is very popular among women who have curly hair mane.

We must warn that this type of hairdressing technique has its risk, either because it is applied incorrectly or because the staff that applies Japanese straightening in your hair does not have enough experience or adequate training. It is for this reason that it is important that you thoroughly know its advantages and disadvantages if you are thinking of applying a Japanese straightening to your hair.

Japanese smoothing history

Like many other dermo-cosmetic or hairdressing treatments, Japanese smoothing rose to fame from the city of skyscrapers, New York.

Although the price of making a permanent Japanese straightening was quite expensive and that it meant applying to your hair a treatment that could last hours of entering the beauty salon or hairdresser with super curly hair and leaving within a few hours with straight hair and knowing that until it grew back you were going to keep it that way, that way of getting the desired straight hair agreed to thousands of women and Japanese hair straightening became the fashionable hair treatment. This happened at the beginning of the 21st century.

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What is the Japanese hair straightening?

It consists of applying a solution specially designed for this treatment that what it achieves is to break the protein joints of the hair that are those that give it the form of curl or waves, this fact allows that when applying the hair straightener it becomes straight. This is a fact to keep in mind since as you should imagine your hair will be affected.

To carry it out, simply saturate the hair with this “magic” solution, rinse it normally and apply the hair straightener in small sections. Although it seems an easy and quick treatment to explain, it has nothing to do with it.

Japanese straightening is a slow method of applying that requires many hours at the hairdresser and should only be done by expert hands.

When the treatment is already applied you should pay special attention and keep in mind that you can not wash your hair for the next three days, likewise, you should ask the professionals like https://www.thestyletribune.com/ for advice on what masks, conditioners or shampoos you should use to keep your hair healthy.

How long does a Japanese straightening last?

To answer this question we must start by saying that a Japanese straightening treatment is permanent. But with permanent we do not mean to change the type of your hair. We want you to understand that once the Japanese straightening is applied to your hair, it will remain straight as long as new hair does not grow.

The specialists consulted have told us that the normal duration usually lasts about six to eight months, but that it will depend a lot on the rate at which your naturally curly hair grows. So if your hair is more curly, the touches you will have to do will have to be done much sooner than if your hair is simply wavy.

Obviously, the fact that Japanese straightening is permanent and that only with the birth of new hair disappears has a disadvantage. That you can spend time when your image may not be the best since you will have to deal with two types of hair. For on one side your curly or wavy natural hair and your treated hair to achieve permanent straightening in the area of ​​the ends.

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You must be very creative to reconcile those two styles or opt for the definitive solution that is to cut for the healthy. And get rid of the hair treated with the Japanese straightening. And also recover your naturally curly hair if you have tired of wearing straight hair since otherwise, that permanent straightening will not disappear.

How much is a Japanese straightening treatment worth?

This is one of those questions that they always ask us, and the answer is neither easy nor definitive. As in any other product or service, the prices of a Japanese straightening depend on the area where you live and the category of the hairdresser or beauty salon you choose.

By doing a quick Google search we can talk about a range that can range from $ 130 to $ 400. In any case, what we want to indicate and emphasize is that a permanent treatment. Such as Japanese straightening should be carried out under expert. And professional hands, since if not, your hair can be damaged. That is why in this case our advice is that you prioritize the quality of the center or professional to the price that the treatment can cost you.


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